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Miles Morgan

Miles Morgan

Founder and owner of Morgan's Mechanicals and Morgan's Automatons


Miles Morgan spent his early years fascinated with science and anything mechanical. He attended Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky where he studied both law and engineering. He had a talent for making small improvements to existing technology, and to seeing where technology might lead man, but little ability to create new inventions himself.


Fortunately for him, Morgan also had the ability to see talent in others. In 1847 he founded Morgan's Mechanicals in New York City. The company started with items like steam powered ovens and coffee brewers, and helped to improve the engines on steamboats and trains. His company invented a more humane cattle brand that injects a numbing agent before burning a cow's side, a flint striker that made making fires on far easier for cowboys on the range, and a mechanical cow milker one could attach to a cow's teats on top and a bucket at the bottom.


In 1867, the company was outgrowing its small space in New York, and his inventors and engineers were working all across the city. Morgan felt that the far west might not only be the American frontier, but the right place for the frontier of technological development. The company acquired land in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California. Most of his scientists and their families made the long trek to the new locations, as did Morgan and his family.


In early 1873, Morgan was contacted by one of his talent scouts who had made it to Croatia, and told him about a young man, just seventeen, who was not only keenly interested in science and engineering, but was already doing experiments with electricity and trying to crack the luminiferous ether. Sensing that perhaps fate had given him a new opportunity, Morgan asked the scout to meet with the young man, Nikola Tesla. Tesla was hoping to get into the Graz University of Technology, but after talking with Tesla for several hours, the scout, having been taught by Morgan himself to recognize talent, felt that the young man already had workable ideas. He offered Tesla a job, and after corresponding with Morgan, the offer became a job and a home in San Francisco, where the young introvert could work. Morgan also ensured Tesla that he could pursue his studies via correspondence with Graz University of Technology while working for him.


Also in 1873, Morgan met Anna Lynn Boyd, a young woman who came to see him with her lawyer and a prototype steam engine that produced much greater power than any engine at the time. He learned that she had discovered how to tap into the luminiferous ether. Morgan negotiate with Boyd and her lawyer and agreed that she would get a substantial cut of all sales based on her technology to work for him. Since Anna wanted anonymity, she stayed with him and his family in their Santa Cruz mansion for two years and became like part of the family as she worked on automaton brain circuitry and more.


In 1875, Anna wanted to return to public life in Santa Cruz and purchased the brothel where she had formerly been a prostitute, the The House of Amber Doves. Morgan assisted, and the bordello was rebuilt into a three story building with a secret basement laboratory where Anna could continue to invent for his companies.


Morgan two, related companies, Morgan's Mechanicals and Morgan's Automatons, have factories in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, but Morgan spends most of his time in Santa Cruz, sometimes going to San Francisco for business.


Miles Morgan and his companies have had a huge impact on society, from his initial improvements in ovens, steam engines, and more, to the new technological revolution including light bulbs and automatons. Only time will tell how the technology pioneered by Morgan's companies will continue to change the world.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Body Features


Apparel & Accessories

At work Morgan wears black business suits.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

1836 - 1842 Studied law and engineering at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky


Morgan is a major U.S. Business Magnate and the Owner of Morgan's Automatons and Morgan's Mechanicals.   He is also a skilled Engineer and Inventor, and he rewards well those who create inventions for his companies.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Morgan does want what's best for his fellow man, but he has a tendency to be blinded by his own selfishness. This is why he conceived of and championed the The California Technological Rights Act.


Religious Views



Miles Morgan


Towards Marian McGonnagle Morgan

Marian McGonnagle Morgan


Towards Miles Morgan

Miles Morgan


Towards Lucy Morgan



Lucy Morgan


Towards Miles Morgan



Wealth & Financial state

Miles Morgan is extremely wealthy.

True Neutral
Current Location
Santa Cruz
Year of Birth
1818 59 Years old
Current Residence
Santa Cruz
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Short, greying
Skin Tone
230 lbs
Aligned Organization
Morgan's Automatons
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Introduced in Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western.

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Cover image: Miles Morgan by Jonathan Fesmire
Character Portrait image: Miles Morgan by Jonathan Fesmire


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