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Steam Generator

The Morgan's Mechanicals steam generator may more correctly be called the "electricity generator." This device does produce steam, but the purpose is to produce electricity for homes and businesses.


These generators are two and a half to three foot circular machines with a convex curve at the front, and flat at the back, made primarily of iron, steel, and some celestium alloy to greatly increase the power output. On top is a tube from which the steam escapes, and locked panels on the front so that the owner can turn on and off the device and open it completely if needed. They fit flat against the sides of most buildings.


The cost of purchasing and having Morgan's Mechanicals technicians install a steam generator at one's home or place of business can be prohibitively expensive, but Miles Morgan knows this is the future and that the success of his businesses rely on people having electricity, so he takes a small loss on the sale of each. This is party what inspired him to have his lawyers write the The California Technological Rights Act and push it into law. He wanted to ensure that he and his companies profited from sales of items, like Mechanical Ice Boxes and Light Bulbs, which rely on his steam generators.


When a customer orders a steam generator, in addition to installing the machine itself, the technicians need to install wiring into the home or business as well.



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Cover image: by Jonathan Fesmire


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