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Victory Island

Victory Island is another extremely large island, made special by the gargantuan meteor  hole in the middle of the island. Culture in Victory Island has shaped very much around this meteor hole, which has now gotten turned into a pit for battle. Culture has become that whoever can go undefeated in The Victory Pit becomes the sultan of the island. Besides The Victory Pit, Victory Island is not a very technologically advanced island. There are many towns across the large landmass of Victory Island, but they don't have that many great architecture, it's almost all made out of wood.


Victory Island is very low-set, with lots of crater holes even besides The Victory Pit, and even all different kind of natural caves. There aren't many rivers and lakes going through the island, most water is collected by the shoreline. Almost all of the island is savannah, and there isn't much flora besides the tall grass along the sprawling plains.

Fauna & Flora

Victory Island has a very intense lack of flora and fauna, there are only the most basic of savannah creatures, like rabbits and muskrats, but there is almost no care being done to preserve any flora or fauna in Victory Island, s there is becoming a very distinct lack of either.


Victory Island was one of the very first islands colonized, originally colonized by many of the more violent races, like dwarves and orcs, but soon after The Victory Pit was established, many different people from around the world began coming to try their hand.

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