Wardens of the Leaf and Sand

The Wardens of the Leaf and Sand are an organization dedicated to the maintenance of the Emerald Ribbon. They are a quasi-religious order that also acts as a business, and some local enforcement. Called by Wardens or more specific titles they are respected throughout the region.   Ecologically, they plant trees, shrubs and more to expand the ribbon. This work is done by the various Rangers within the organization, so names as they are assigned to a particular range or tract of land to maintain or hopefully expand. The Fountain Masters are a special group that focuses on managing water, wells, and caches.   Financially they operate hostels along the ribbon as well as the Oasis Courser which provides the most rapid travel in the region. Those that run this part of the business are known as Operators. They provide the ongoing maintenance for the Courser as well as its operation, contracts and accounting. The Courser, while fast, has limited capacity which makes the rates of cargo or persons fairly expensive. As part of this the hostels along the base of the plinths that support the courser are also operated for those taking the more pedestrian trek. Some are staffed, others just waypoints with protected shelters and emergency supplies.   Legally, they protect and defend against cutting down of trees or damaging plants not marked for cutting down. In a local area the rangers travel and provide this defense, many with their families living within their range.   To become a warden, one must attend the ceremony at The Grove. This site of ceremony and transformation binds the warden to the land. The group has more Humans, Half-Elves, and Dwarves than any others which reflects the general population of the region, but they are generally welcoming of others provided they show interest and capability.   The leaders of the Wardens are the Oblooks, known men of respect. Organized into councils and triunes, and above that the Grand Convocation of Oblooks. The Convocation in full is considered to be all the Oblooks, though outside Conclave meetings a Trio of Triunes runs most operations under the High Triune.
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Teams of turtles pulling barges... villages that appear and disappear overnight... check out the: Redflow River
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Interesting! I presume your world - or at least this region - is harsh desert. The idea of creating a "greenway" through the desert is fascinating. Adding an organization that on the one hand is creating that greenway with perhaps a nod to gods and religions of nature, but at the same time maintains control over the use of that corridor for commercial purposes is a nice twist.   Great work!

Teams of turtles pulling barges... villages that appear and disappear overnight... check out the: Redflow River