The opinicus is a type of domesticated griffin. They are not usually good with heavy loads, but are often used to carry warriors, generals, standard bearers, or couriers. In some cases they would be used to pull air chariots that use Floating Granite for buoyancy. The feathers, while plain, are large and quite frequently used in hats, crests, cloaks and general decoration.   The opinicus and some wild gryphons are used by the city of Soramizu for scouts, guards, and couriers. Most famous is the Ventin Sky Cavalry, a group of knights that provide defense for the southern portion of the Soramizu Protectorate.

Basic Information


Like a Gryphon the Opinicus is a hybrid of an Eagle and lion. The Opinicus however exhibits some differing traits from a classical Gryphon; a longer neck, a shorter tail, a flatter beak, smaller fore-claws, and a slightly lighter frame.

Genetics and Reproduction

The opinicus, like the gryphon, is mammalian and has live births. The gestation period is only 7 months. Males tend towards bulkier frames and longer necks, while the females tend to have a larger wingspan. While in mythology they are said to mate for life, this is an over-exaggeration of their behavior.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Unlike many other beasts of burden which eat grains, the opinicus is a carnivore and requires regular feeding. It particularly prefers organ meat, and live hunting. It can however be sustained by dried meats and fish. In desperate situations it will become an omnivore and eat anything available, but without a good source of saturated fats it's wings will atrophy fairly quickly and flight becomes impossible.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to it's eagle like traits it has excellent vision. It's hearing does tend to have a harder time with high pitches.
Scientific Name
Tetratuus Opinus
40 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Several different breeds exist. The most common is of a dark brown, golden brown, or tan coloration. The snowy opinicus is one that lacks almost all pigmentation and has black tipped white feathers and a glistening white fur. While the black opinicus tends to be much larger and used for heavier loads.

Cover image: by Markus Dehning (vertixico)


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