The Evanis live in and around The Raikirian Desert . These dark skinned, red haired and green or purple eyed people are also found in far flung areas of the various realms. While there are some half-elves, dwarves, and humans, the majority of the Evanis are halflings.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Illsabik, Oralvai, Antheleia, Warlbik

Masculine names

Anoun, Abadair, Bishoun, Ursier

Family names

Family Names are composite names with a general Profession followed by Clan. Professions are generalized, and not ever specific. For example there is a profession for healer, but not midwife or surgeon. Over 150 professions are generally accepted, and children inherit their parents profession family name until they are married and carry a different profession.   Family names are never changed with marriage, so a woman or man retains their family name.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak a variant of Tiguanum known as Samnos.

Common Dress code

As befits their inhabitation of a desert area, loose flowing robes are the common form of attire. While the specifics vary by clan and local style, there are some commonalities. Generally men wear open sleeved tunics to the knee and high knee greaves. Women wear longer tunics but with more belting and flaring. Both will wear long hooded cloaks of light tan colors in the summer heat to reflect the sun. Decorative edging the most common form of adornment on these tunics and cloaks. The rich will often include more vibrant colors and stitching in belts and harnesses, often enjoying large shoulder pads of bejeweled fabric.

Coming of Age Rites

There are two coming of age rites. One is at 14 where one becomes an apprentice and begins their formal training. The second is between 18-24 where they are considered full adults and can wear the sword and/or the long dagger known as the lightning blade.


Courtship Ideals

Marriage is arranged, then with permission granted by both parties as well as the families. Generally women are paired with men a few years older. In the case of homosexuality, a marriage for children is often made even if it is never otherwise like a full marriage.

Major organizations

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