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Verya is one the Three Sisters and the goddess of courage, diplomacy, the arts, and civilization. Her ideal for the elves is that they work in tandem with the other races of the Cosmic Sea in order to secure their future and keep balance in the universe. As one of the Three Sisters she one of the mothers of the elves, and the high elves especially feel and affinity with her. Her more liberal spirit has been replicated in much of high elf society and their willingness to work alongside other races, though still setting themselves apart as distinct.

Divine Domains

Arcana, Knowledge, Life, Light, Order, and Peace.


The great and mythical artifact of Verya is the Gem of Courage, which together with the two other gems of her sisters, forms the Goddesses' Amulet that grants the wearer divine power and the power to make one wish, a wish that is capable of changing the universe itself. By itself the Gem of Courage grants its wearer the ability to face down even the strongest foes as their salvation is provided from the goddess herself.

Holy Books & Codes

There is no singular text or code that is held up by the followers of Verya but many look to the myths of the elvish past which present her as patron of heroes and a defender places that were besieged by great enemies of the elves. These form an image which drive her followers to imitation.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol Verya is a moon inside a crescent moon, which is inside a crescent moon. This represents her care for her creation and how strength together is better than strength alone. When she is depicted she is depicted as a golden haired elf woman wearing royal robes and holding a scepter and sporting her Gem of Courage on a necklace.

Tenets of Faith

The main tenet of Verya is to be courageous in the face of danger and work alongside others for the protection of elf civilization.
Divine Classification

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