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Vanya is on the Three Sisters and the goddess of power, war, and death. She calls the elves to the ideal of power and that they, as a divine creation, are empowered to shape the universe to their liking in order to maintain balance. She is the most feared of her sisters as she brings with her battle and all that is associated with it, namely death. She is honored by all elves, but especially amongst the drow who worship her to the exclusion of her two sisters in their Cult of the Spider Queen.
The Cult of the Spider Queen is the religion of most Drow and it particularly changes Vanya's command for power into one for tyrannical domination. This has led to Drow society being very rigid and unforgiving as well as fiercely devoted to putting other races, even other elves, under their boot heel in order to carry on elvish civilization.

Divine Domains

Death, Grave, Knowledge, Twilight


The great and mythical artifact of Vanya is the Gem of Power, which together with the two other gems of her sisters, forms the Goddesses' Amulet that grants the wearer divine power and the power to make one wish, a wish that is capable of changing the universe itself. By itself the Gem of Power grants the user great strength in body, mind, and spirit, making them nearly unstoppable in battle.

Holy Books & Codes

There is no general holy text that is used by the followers of Vanya. Instead, like with the other goddess, the elves turn to stories and myths from their past that show Vanya giving ancient heroes the ferocity and strength needed to overcome the enemies of the elves.
Amongst the Drow and the Cult of the Spider Queen, there exists the Book of the Spider which is supposedly a text written by Vanya herself that endorses cruel strength above all things and it has become the guiding text for Drow society that isn't shared amongst other elves.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol of Vanya is earth a symbol that shows an earthquake. This symbolizes Vanya's strength and ferocity, but also her belief that the universe can be remade through violence. When depicted she is depicted as an elf woman in battle armor wearing her Gem of Power on a necklace.

Tenets of Faith

The main tenet of Vanya is that civilization is helped and strengthed through power. Power over all things. Followers of Vanya go to live this out, not only in their personal lives, but for the greater good of elvish society. This doesn't have to mean martial power, though that is how it is most often expressed.
Divine Classification

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