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The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is the traditional faith of the elves of the Cosmic Sea. The Three Sisters are the goddesses that created the elves and gave them their divine purpose. The Three Sisters are: Verya is the goddess of courage, arts, diplomacy, and civilization. Validhreniel is the goddess of wisdom, nature, and magic. Lastly is Vanya, the goddess of power, war, and death. Each of these goddesses view the elves purpose through a different lens, and though they have these differences are prayed to by all elves when their aid is needed.
The Three Sisters are not only beings that the elves pray to, but also represent the competing ideals that drive elf civilization. They provide less of rigid code in the way that other gods do, but focus more on different moral paths to achieving the goal of protecting elf civilization. Thus, different followers of the Three Sisters can interpret this in very different ways.

Mythology & Lore

The elves believe that the Three Sisters were formed in the death of the last star, bringing life back to a lifeless universe. From this darkness they recreated life and the chief of their creation was the elves. They then proceeded to scatter the elves across the Cosmic Sea. They gave the elves their divine command to protect themselves and their civilization, but the Three Sisters gave different answers. Verya, taught them to view the other denizens of the galaxy as helpful allies. Validhreniel taught them to trust no one but themselves and to wait and watch. Vanya, taught them that security can only be gained through power and that requires making others bend to your will. These three competing axioms have driven the elves in different ways over the ages, and still shape the universe today.

Divine Origins

Scholars believe that the belief in the Three Sisters is a native to the early elves, just arising naturally through their evolution.

Cosmological Views

Elvish religion takes for granted the material plane where the Cosmic Sea is located. It has simply always existed and goes through cycles of life and decay. The elves belief that the Three Sisters dwell in a place called the Otherworld. A spiritual plane of existence that exists alongside material plane. Elves believe that it is possible to enter the Otherworld if someone on the other side wishes you to enter it. Many elvish folktales tell of their heroes being invited into the Otherworld in order to serve the goddesses. There isn't much speculation on what the Otherworld holds for the dead, other than it is the final resting place for all of the souls of the elvish dead.

Tenets of Faith

The main tenet that was given to the elves by their goddesses was to protect their civilization and way of life. The three goddesses differed on how to achieve this, but all are united in that one purpose. Elvish religion is different than other faiths in that it doesn't require an ascent to certain orthodoxies. Instead, it focuses on doing things. Honoring the goddesses and following through on their command.


What it lacks in tenets it makes up for in ethics. There is great debate among many elvish theologians and scholars about how faith in the goddesses should impact the daily life of their children. Since the upkeep of civilization is paramount there is a great emphasis on respect for the proper authorities, bravery in battle, and the rearing of children. Marriage is taken very seriously across all of elvish civilization and the chief end is to have children in order to carry on the fruits of their civilization.


Worship of the Three Sisters is not relegated at a certain time. Worshipers are free to visit shrines and temples at their leisure and offer praise to the goddesses which is usually in the form of a hymn or a song. Worship is usually done in order to ask for a boon or to sing praises to the goddesses for thanksgiving.


The priesthood of the elves is made up of elves who have taken the time to study the stories and myths of their people. They are usually very accomplished magic-users and serve as important leaders in their communities. Priests of the different goddesses usually carry themselves differently. Priests of Verya form an important group of diplomats and religious administrators. Priests of Validhreniel are stewards of nature and keepers of ancient wisdom, usually combining their beliefs with those of the Druids. Priests of Vanya stress their martial prowess and often serve as defenders of the people either on attack or defense.
While elves of either sex may serve as priests only the highest positions can be filled by female elves as they are considered closer to the goddesses through their shared gender.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Since the worship of the Three Sisters isn't an organized religion in the way that Theusianism, or The Great Element, are, the high priestesses still hold considerable power on the worlds or settlements where they are located, and many elf populations have been stirred up in religious fervor. This is especially true amongst the Drow who are ruled over by priestesses of Vanya who are fierce devotees of the Spider Cult.


The Cult of the Spider Queen - The Cult of the Spider Queen is religious sect that many of the Drow subscribe to. It is a particularly ferocious and zealous form of worship of Vanya in the form of the spider. Focusing on trickery and power over life and death.
Religious, Divine Host

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