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The Cosmic Sea

1st Day, of the 9th Month, of the 22nd Year, of the 21st Age

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In the far past the many races of the world discovered with the aid of magic that they could travel long distances across the vastness of the Cosmic Sea which connects the universe together. Since then the universe has lit up with adventure, exploration, and danger. Many denizens have left their planets of origin in order to make their mark on the universe, or simply to get rich.   From frozen arctic worlds, to scorching desert planets, to thriving space way stations, to jungle moons there is much to explore in the Cosmic Sea. Trek through forgotten monasteries, busy city streets, and seas both celestial and terrestrial to find treasure, fame, and glory! Though one must be careful! While there are many wondrous sights to behold, danger also lurks in the blackness of space. Ilithids cling to the remnants of their ancient empire and always seek new food and slaves. Warbands of orcs gather to terrify everything from merchant ships to entire empires. You may be the only hope for many a doomed people, or you may be their doom itself. Only time will tell...   Heavily influenced by Wizards of the Coast's Spelljammer setting, this setting is an alternative take on space fantasy with a lore that isn't bound by the eclectic quirks of traditional D&D lore, and while designed for 5e Dungeons and Dragons theoretically any system could use this as a setting. Hop aboard an explore the stars!