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The Corporate States of America

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The election of 2020 revealed to the world that Facebook could still win presidencies. Mark Zuckerberg's secret democratic candidate, funded by a "well meaning" Silcon Valley elite, won with 70% of the voting public. It felt like a revolution. It was, but not for the people.

Swiftly, a loophole was established within the law of land rights that justified the idea of Corporate Sovereignty over an established domain. Within many states, this was extended to real estate, and then aided a private company to buy public land, including streets, sidewalks and highways.

Over a hundred years later, the United States is now home to over 50 corporate entities that are independent nations, and the number is growing. Those who have stayed exclusively citizens of the United States do so out of cultural or ethical reasons. It's hard to efficiently support a country with two sturdy coast with a pop-marked inland. However you'll here no complaints from Amazon, Coca-Cola, Apple, or a number of companies now operating with no outside regulation.