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Treatment Centers

Treatment Centers are a main location for a lot of the plots backdrop. Gwen is put into one and it is where she meets the side characters and learns more about her past. They think that her energy is making her sick, when really they want to get it out of her so they can use it for their own selfish gains. She can't live without her energy. So there is a lot that happens story wise and with the characters here.

Public Agenda

Treatment Centers are scattered across the Caretaker Society. They state their main purpose is to rehabilitate troubled individuals and provide treatment to those who are deemed as ill. This however, is just a cover for what they are really doing- testing on individuals for research, giving them experimental drugs that could have a damaging effect. They are also taking the energies away from individuals in hopes to use it to further their scientific endeavors.


Caretaker Serum, Collective Matter, Selective Matter, The Five Core Energies, Healing Solution, A wide variety of common drugs and medicine, Doctors, Nurses,
Corporation, Medical
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Treatment Patients, Caretakers, Advissors,
Neighboring Nations

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