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The Continents

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Comprised of two continents, the land has witnessed a state of near constant war since the dawn of the fourth age. The Northern Brigade, as it has come to be known, is dominated by humans, but also includes a vast array of near human species. Its territories include the Northern Kingdoms and the former states of Kaleer and Sowduun on the Eastern Continent. The Kingdom of Thane, a theocracy, on the Great Continent is seen as the primary nation in this faction, as the Church of the Flame is what unites its members. The natural enemy of the northern realm is the Coalition of Iron, a shell confederacy, that is ruled by a Tiefling warlord wielding absolute power. Populated nearly entirely by non human species, they seek to conquer the Eastern continent to once again be their homeland, and see the downfall of the Church of the Flame.

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