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The City at the River Mouths

"At the mouth of the rivers Lyar and Thring lies the city of Hofendal, capital of the Kingdom of Rasfadal. This is where the King of Rasfadal has spend his days since the War in the West ended. His hands are more than full with all the work and rebuilding that needs to be done after the devastating war. Many people have come to find refuge in Hofendal. Lords from the east come to ask for aid in reclaiming their lost holdings in The Swamps, but the war took its toll, and many men were lost. There aren't many to spare.   Until the Swamps can be reclaimed, these 'Homeless Lords' and their men have no place to go to, and so they make their home in Hofendal. Because of this, the city is filled with nobles and soldiers.   Proud as they are, the lords love to challenge each other, and settle old feuds. Many soldiers engage in fights in the streets and taverns. This has lead to the deaths of three soldiers and one innocent bystander already.   The King is desperately looking for ways to get the lords out of the city. With depleted resources, he has no intention in fighting the bandit kings and waging another war, but it seems like the only way. Any help he can get is more than welcome!"   Hofendal is the capital of Rasfadal. It located on the shore where two major rivers reach the sea. The Old Town district is over one thousand years old and the castle of Gaul Falith has watched over the city for as long.


Gaul Falith

Gaul Falith is no pretty castle, nor is it grand like that of the Burbric kings. Instead it is sturdy, made to stand the test of time. In that it has been successful: safe for a handful of reparations and minor expansions it has stood strong since the days of Looras the Great, eight hundred years ago.   Hofendal, the capital of Rasfadal, is watched over by the castle called Gaul Falith. It is the home of the Fendalian kings and their family. The main keep houses the royal family members and guard and staff, while while several buildings in the courtyard provide room for smiths, guards, horses, additional staff and guest.   Lately the castle has been full of Homeless Lords pleading to the king to support them in taking back their holdings in The Swamps, while the old king himself spends most of his time in his private quarters. With no living relatives and his son dead there will be no heir after he dies. He is well aware that some lords are already plotting to take his place before his body is cold, and is willing to do anything to keep that from happening.  

City Walls

The city is surrounded by a 3 km long, 9m tall wall lined with 29 towers. Entry to the city I granted via several fortified gates including 3 main gates, 2 river gates and a sea gate. Around the outer wall the inhabitants have dug a 4-6 meter deep ditch with the only access to the city via wooden bridges.


The city of Hofendal is divided into three districts: Old Town, South Field and the Merchant District. Old Town is made up of old shops houses, and contains the castle Gaul Falith. The oldest tavern of Hofendal, The Howling Hound, can also be found in this district. Old Town is a lively district with cozy streets and courtyards, as well as a variety of shops and businesses. Crime in old town is generally low, though the Whisper Guild from Twyrif has recently gained some influence in the area.   South Field is, surprisingly, in the southern part of the city and is made up of mostly fields and farms. It's eastern and westernmost areas are the most densely populated and sometimes considered smaller districts with Westport is the east and Gravesend in the west respectively. Even though South Field is considered a very important part of the city, it does not have a lot of shops and amenities as most shop owners prefer to set up shop in the wealthier Merchant District or Old Town.   Merchant District is the newest part of Hofendal and the most densely populated. It wasn't more than a collection of settlements outside the city walls until 535AP. Around that time there was no more space to built around South Field's docks and people started building new shops and warehouses of the eastern shore of the gulf. Within several years this area attracted many merchants and permanent shops were established. Today it's a densely packed district with many narrow streets and alleys. It has the highest crime rates of the city, and some shady businesses. At the same time you can find the fanciest shops in the same streets.


There are numerous shops and businesses in Hofendal. Whatever you're looking for there's probably someone that can help you with it. Around the city there are almost 250 listed establishments namely: 3 bakers, 12 barbers, 1 smith, 1 bookbinder, 1 bookseller, 5 buckle makers, 5 butchers, 12 carpenters, 10 chandlers, 5 chicken butchers, 8 coopers, 2 cutlers, 1 doctor, 5 fishmongers, 14 furriers, 1 glove maker, 1 harness-maker, 1 hey merchant, 1 illuminator, 6 jewelers, 4 locksmiths, 4 masons, 5 mercers, 14 old clothes sellers, 3 painters, 8 pasty cooks, 5 plasterers, 5 purse makers, 2 roofers, 1 rope maker, 1 rugmaker, 5 saddlers, 2 scabbard makers, 1 sculptor, 31 shoemakers, 1 spice merchant, 25 tailors, 3 tanners, 11 taverns, 5 watercarriers, 9 weavers, 5 wine-sellers, 1 woodcarver and 1 wood seller. Some of the most notable establishments are listed below.  
The best and only blacksmith in the city is Yolanda. She creates some of the finest weaponry and tools in The Crownlands.  
Built Like A House
If you need something buit, Arfur is your man. With months of experience and a single happy customer you can't go wrong here.  
City Stables
Charl runs the city stables. Here you can rest your horse or buy a new one. It's fairly safe and if your horse gets stolen you can just buy a new one.  
Dapper & Dashing
The finest clothes in the region come from Dapper & Dashing, a shops owned by the ever so lovely Daph and Dash.  
Dr. Grymm
Along Sick Lane you'll find a rundown establishment where Dr. Grymm will treat anyone and anything, no questions asked.   
Everything & More
Come one, come all, to Olrick's store; whatever you need, whatever you want, here you'll find everything and more!  
Gems & Jewels
Jowel runs a small business selling all sorts of gems, jewels and other trinkets. Some have special properties, so make sure to stop by.  
Good Garments
If Dapper and Dashing is to expensive for you you can always visit Good Garments, a second hand clothes shop run by Helena.  
Howling Hound
The Howling Hound is the oldest tavern in Hofendal. Gustar is the owner and offers the finest ale and the cheapest wine of the city.  
Jumping Goose
Located at Goose Square you find the Jumping Goose where you are... served by geese? I honestly don't know what's going on here.
Knight's Choice
"The longsword, eh? Knight's Choice!" When you visit this cutler you'll certainly hear Findell make this pun. Just laugh and pretend it's fun.  
New Stables
The New Stables are like a resort for your horse. Anky cares for them like they're her own, and may not want to part with them again.  
Paint and Portraits
Gwyneth is a sweet young woman who has only ever wanted to be a painter and now she has worked her way up to be the painter of the royal court  
Parchment & Quill
Darrick is an old researcher and chronicler selling books and scrolls. Whatever knowledge you're looking for, he might know where to find it.  
Rolling Barrel
The barrel rollers will often roll barrels from the port all the way to Bankers' Square. By the time they get there Torsten will welcome them in his tavern.  
Royal Pies
The best pies come from Hermann, the royal pastry cook. He runs his own shop where you can get all sorts of pies and cakes.   
Spice and Potions
Bragwyr imports many exotic spices and brews potions with them. Some have magical properties, other's make you trip balls.  
Tumbling Giant
The first thing you see when you enter the city through the tower gate is the Tumbling giant, where Tholiag offers giant-size drinks and meals.  
Weary Sailor
One day a sailor left his ship and ran all the way across town to get a drink. He swore he'd never sail again. He sailed off the next day, but the kinda stuck.  
Ye Olde Backereij
The newest addition to Clother's Street is Ye Olde Backereij, a fine little bakery run by the grandmotherly Gladys. 

Guilds and Factions

The Bankers' Collective
The safety of The Crownlands brings all sorts of traders and travellers and these in turn bring coin. After Looras the Great secured his kingdom’s borders it was not long before the first bank of Hofendal was founded. Over time several more followed until a handful of banks competed within the Crownlands. After several decades of competition they decided to join forces in what became known as the Banker’s Collective. The banks effective joined to form one large bank that would continue to fund many lords and ladies and even the crown itself. The Bankers’ Collective can be sought out if one is in need of coin, but beware of what you’re getting into: every bank gets their money back, and the Bankers’ Collective is no exception.    
The Cartographers' Guild
Their goal is to map the entire world to the smallest details. The Cartographers' Guild is an age old organization of men and women that go on dangerous expeditions to places that none have gone before. The origins of the guild go back to the days of Looras the Great. When the king conquered new lands there were no detailed maps of his lands and he commissioned Machelmus of Hariwode to map his newly conquered lands. It was a time of rapid expansion and the field surveys of the cartographer took longer than the military conquests of his employer. When Looras died the maps were not yet finished and Machulmus and his son and grandson continued refining the maps until their job was done. The overal process took over 80 years and throughout this time the cartographers sought out many other chroniclers and map makers to exchange information. Eventually these people joined together and formed a guild. When the map of Rasfadal was completed they continued their work and focused on mapping nearby lands and eventually set their goals to capturing the entire world.   Throughout the years the guild has organized many expeditions. Some to nearby lands, others to the foreign jungles in the south or the frozen wastelands to the north. In recent years a new continent has been discovered leading to a significant increase in work for and importance of the guild.  
The Order of the White Lion
I am great, so I serve the small.
I am strong, so I serve the weak.
I am true, so I serve the false.
  One of the oldest knightly orders of the realm, the Order of the White Lion dates back to the days of Looras the Great. During his rule Looras called on his bravest men and women and tasked them to roam the land and fight the smaller evils that he himself could not attend to. These men and women became the first knight of the Order of the White Lion, sworn to protect the people of Rasfadal. To have them stay true to their cause Looras had them swear their oath to the people, rather them their king. Long after Looras’ death the knights were called upon fight in the king’s war. Since then the knights have mostly served as King’s Guard and elite forces in the Fendalian Military.


The city of Hofendal was founded in 202BP. Back then it was called Gauafonyd, meaning "river mouths" or "place at the river mounths". Old Town is the oldest part of the city and where its foundation was laid. A small trade post with bridges crossing the rivers Lyar and Thring quickly rose in importance and attracted many travellers and merchants. From it grew a village and eventually a town, important and wealthy enough to be surrounded by a stone wall surrounding the entire town. The wall had three gates. The North Gate, Lyar Gate and Thring Gate. The latter gates were accessed via wooden drawbridges over the rivers surrounding the city. On a cliff facing the Gulf of Fendal the castle of Gaul Falith was built, serving both to defend the city and as the house of the cities Lord.   To the south were large farmlands called Sudvelt, (meaning South Field) as well as to the north and east. Around the docks of sudvelt grew another small village which was eventually incorporated into the city of Hofendal, becoming a new district of the town, divided from Old Town by the river Lyar. A new wall was built around the disctrict in 177AP. This district became an important part of the city and has proven incredibly valuable in times when the city was besieged.   The the east is the Merchant District. This is by far the newest part of town and wasn't more than a collection of settlements outside the city walls until 535AP. Around that time there was no more space to built around South Field's docks and people started building new shops and warehouses of the eastern shore of the gulf. Within several years this area attracted many merchants and permanent shops were established.

Points of interest

There are numerous points of interest in Hofendal  
Gaul Falith
The largest landmark in the city is the great castle at its centre. This is where the king and his court live, surrounded by a four meter deep ditch on all sides.  
Hofendal Theatre
All sorts of plays are performed in the Hofendal Theatre, from comedies to tragedies. Additionally great tournaments are held here.   
Church of Yoru
At the end of Church Street is this church, recognizable by its boring architecture and unappealing art collection.  
Order of the White Lion
The Order of the White Lion headquarter is in an old castle on the west side of the town. It has a training ground and grand hall for their ceremonies.  
Cartographers' Guild
On market square you'll find this large building and tower. The place was built in the early years of the kingdom and has remained mostly unchanged.  
White Lion Gate
To enter the city from the north one has to pass through the White Lion Gate. It is a large building with double portcullis and murder holes.   
Chapel of St. Styng
In Gravesend is the chapel of the patron of farmers and peasants. His chapel is a modest building with a single tower with a sun at the top.   
Port Bridge
Rasfadal isn't renowned for it's engineering achievements, but the Port Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the kingdom, crossing the Bay of Fendal.
Sudvelt Gate
To the south is Sudvelt Gate which leads into the South Field district. This gate is an extension of one of the towers and   
Temple of Milory
This temple is a large white building with a single white spire in the middle. Inside are beautiful collections of floers and plants.  
Bankers' Collective
At Bankers' Square is a large stone building and tower. A collection of bankers operate from here and the tower is built on top of their unbreakable vault.  
Ædmund's Crossing
At this crossing you'll find joyful markets and performers almost every day. It is surrounded by a small castle which has since become a gate.  
St. Gurond's Chapel
The patron saint of sailors has a chapel build in his honor near the docks. Before departure many sailors visit the chapel to pray for safe travels.  
Tower Gate
To enter the Merchant District one has to pass through the Tower Gate, the newest gate of the city and watched by two tall towers.  
The Port
In the south part of the city is the port, located between Westport and the Merchant District. It's a busy area with always at least a dozen ships docked.  
Sea Gate
The sea gate is a small opening in the city walls, with an extended wall going halfway into the Bay of Fendal. A narrow opening of about 100 meters can be closed off by a huge chain.


  • Hofendal
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Gauafonyd > Haufonyd > Haufendyl
Inhabitant Demonym
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Cover image: An Accurate Map of the City of Hofendal by Daniel Hasenbos
  • 202 BP

    The Founding of Hofendal

    The early beginnings of the city go back to the time where a small trade post was erected and named "Gauafonyd" roughly translating to "river mouths" or "place at the river mouths"


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