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The Continent of Askellion

Second of Frostwake, Year Eleven Thirty-Two

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"A world longing for peace, yet will come to be constantly embroiled by war" - Last words of Emperor-Elect Arnet Elye

An era always ends with some important event, be it cataclysmic or legendary. The end of the Fourth Era ended with cataclysm. With the death of the Askelli Empire's emperor, the nation-states under it's command shattered into a bloody civil war. Only seven nations stood the test, and live on to this day one-hundred and thirty-two years later.

The Elven Union of Lamillterra has been pushing their borders farther and farther across the continent. Their armies move like lightning, and strike like a hammer. Everyone fears what their next move will be, but all know that they will only leave blood and ash in their path.

The Free City of Hisa trembles with fear. Surrounded by enemies now on all sides, they wait for whoever will be the first to break their official neutrality. The last bastion of freedom and democracy holds it's breath, waiting to see who will live and who will die.

The Daimyo of Takawa turns a blind eye to the outside world, decided to only focus on their internal affairs. Some see this neutrality as hostility, but others simply see it as weakness.

The Fealties of Selmesia desperately tries to keep the traditions and style of the Askelli Empire alive, even long after the Great Shatter. Without great unity and the pure size of the long-fallen empire, the Selmesians fall short of their mark to be a great power.

The United Regions of Prussuia are the only ones hailed as a true rival to the Elven Union. Quickly mobilizing whatever forces they can, the Prussuians are eagerly awaiting the Elves to make one misstep. This focus brings other weakness however, as many of the regions under the central government want to stay out of war despite the King's wishes. This attempt for power and influence may bring down the whole monarchy itself.

The Empire of Griss is now a nation lost to the sands of time. The swift attack of the Elven Union brought the once proud nation to it's knees. Only resistance fighters now hold the embers of a dying nation.

The so-called "Righteous Kingdom" of Manchesin prepares itself to strike back against the warmongering Elves. The people of the continent appreciate the valiant efforts of the Machesinite Orcs, but others see the same unbridled ambition that the Elven Union holds.

The Mercenary States of Tergia do not peeve themselves with the qualms of the outside world. The purposefully weak central government of the Mercenary States make it less of a nation, and more of a safe haven for pirates and other scum alike.

The powderkeg of Askellion is set, and one simple spark will set it all ablaze. The coming war will be like never seen by this world before, unless a select few can find a way to stop it all.

The Five Scholars say that the Fourth Era is the "End Times" for civilization as everyone knows it. They have only been wrong once before. Will the fates prove them wrong? Or will the world be thrown into war as never seen before?

All that comes next is an age of carnage, blood, and the laughter of the heedless gods!

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