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Letore (LEE-TOR)

Letore was founded several hundred years ago under the Hero of Huralde. He led a successful rebellion against Yran the conqueror, shattering his would be empire, and later led his people to Chariot's Landing. Here they built their city of Ilios, where the Ael and Eil rivers meet. It was at this point that the people named him their king, and named their country Letore in reverence to the great god of sun and life, Letorian. From this point Letore expanded and grew to a prosperous nation, with a reputation of its citizens being hard working, honorable, though boisterous and mule headed.   The kings and queens of this nation have largely left honorable legacies, though it is becoming increasingly concerning in the past generation. The increasing wealth of the nobility, and the fact that they have not been seen on many battlefields of late are becoming a point of contention within the populace.   Letore has always maintained good relations with the Charioteers of Chariots Landed, though some kings butt heads with their leaders time to time. Currently, the newly crowned King Jurala means well and seeks to improve his people's view of the nobility. He desires for a reason to go to war with one of the other nations, seeing that it is a way to prove himself, and bring wealth to his country.

For the Sun Throne!

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Fingers of Light is a council of 20 members, elected by and usually from the nobility. They act as govenors of the various towns and regions of the country. They also create and review laws for the king to sign, and often act as advisors to his decrees. These nobles are often greedy and look for a way to line their families pockets, and the king often balks at their ideas.
Judicial Body
High Judge Keltan runs the court system within Letore, and he is housed within Ilios.
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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