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The Continent of Algonys

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The period of transition has come to an end. Mechanus has fallen, and the Age of Augury has begun.   Ten thousand years ago the world as we know it plummeted into nuclear war and turmoil. The human species was forced into many different places to seek refuge, such as underground, high in the mountains, irradiated plains, and the few areas untouched by the fallout. This caused the human race to evolve into a set of sub species. The Dwarves, and Gnomes who were those that fled underground. Halflings and Forrest Gnomes were those that fled to the green hills. The radiation was what had stunted their growth. The Humans that remain were those lucky enough to find themselves living in areas unaffected by radiation. The Orcs came from the forest and mountains a few thousand years after the fallout and claimed to be elves that had been changed by the radiation. The elves, which have also been there, finally came out of hiding now that they could do magic once again.   Though the Age of Augury has brought back to the world the wondrous capabilities of magic, and has brought the sentient closer to the gods once more, it has made for a world that is much more susceptible to the occult. Dark forces seek to gain control over Algonys, and who will rise to stem the tide of The Chained One's Minions?

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