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Delirium Serum Induced Euphoria

Delirium Serum Induced Euphoria (DSIE), known simply as Delirium or being Delirious, is one of the many side effects of The Delirium Serum.   Everyone experiences Delirium differently. The condition sends a users sensory system into overdrive. Some people simply find food orgasmic, or their sense of touch becomes highly pleasurable. The majority of users find all sense of impulse control is simply gone. A persons most secret desires suddenly take control of their mind and they are driven by a need to fill every carnal pleasure from sex and hunger to violence and destruction.   DSIE, in addition to a loss of impulse control, also inhibits a users ability to process emotions properly. Users don't feel remorse, guilt, or concern for their actions. In fact, the brain is "tricked" into enjoying these negative emotions, and many users can't differentiate between them. Simply put, an individual experiencing Delirium finds everything they experience generally pleasurable. Even watching and taking part in murder.   DSIE is highly addictive and once someone has experienced it, finding their next fix consumes them completely. This is a fact the government has done really well in keeping covered up.   While Delirious, users are completely cognitive of their surroundings and aware of their actions. When the effects begin to wear off though, all negative experiences begin to quickly self repress themselves in the subconsciousness of the individual, leaving behind only the memories of extreme pleasure. This process happens generally within a few hours of the event.   Some individuals have learned to take advantage of this in ways that allow them to indulge themselves in sadistic pleasures without the negative thoughts that follow that sort of behavior.   This alone is what makes users of the drug so dangerous! They are literally unable to control their impulses and have no recollection of their actions by the next day. Some people even find this the most pleasing aspect of The Delirium Serum.   The government does what it can to contain the collateral damage, but for the most part the regular users themselves are aware of what dark fantasies they intend to indulge in before they even take their dose. As it takes a considerable income to be able to afford the luxury, most users are rich enough to do their own damage control anyway.


DSIE begins within about ten minutes of injection of The Delirium Serum.


Within the first few moments of injection, the serum is quickly metabolized into the users bloodstream causing them to feel an overbearing rush of chemical reactions. This causes the user to go limp and their eyes appear to droop, as they become completely relaxed. It almost appears as if the user has suddenly fallen asleep.   Several minutes later, as the reactions begin to subside, the user will suddenly jolt awake and appear to be hyperactive.   Delirium affects everyone differently, and a wide range of symptoms have been reported both positive and negative. Some people find themselves more creative, and use these effects to continue producing work. Painters and Artists often go into a frenzy and paint complex abstract art the likes of which wouldn't be possible otherwise.


Once it starts, there is no backing out. The entire process lasts about eight hours. During the last three hours, the high peaks and users begin to slowly come down. Given the nature of the euphoria, many users often find themselves feeling exhausted and tend to crash out almost immediately.


Frequent use of The Delirium Serum eventually causes organ failure and a vast array of mental illnesses. First time users almost instantly suffer from extreme depression that makes everything around them seem empty in comparison. The government is often known to only issue doses to individuals who can afford the habit in order to protect the negative effects from reaching the public due to this.


The first public use of The Delirium Serum was on national television on a show called @The Experience. Since then it has gained extreme popularity.   It is unknown how long the drug has been in use behind the scenes, but leaked information has documented its use all the way back to the nineties.

Cultural Reception

Delirium Serum Induced Euphoria is one of the most coveted experiences known to man. Everyone is aware of the positive effects of the drug (the negative side being unknown outside of users), and are eager to try it for themselves.   Users of the drug are often idolized and people can become superstars overnight just by documenting their experiences.


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