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Emergence Rites

Written by Jeydis

In the damp, dark caverns of Toraga island lie the massive brumation chambers of the Yuan-ti's norther-most tribe the Berus. These traditional resting grounds are considered sacred by the Yuan-ti and a rule of absolute pacifism is enforced by the Archdruid and their mages. The reason for this is that all Yuan-ti this far north must brumate for a few months at least in order to reproduce successfully. This is a taxing ritual that leaves the sleepers vulnerable both when they sleep and when they first re-emerge.   In order to foster kinship and peace in this trying time the Archdruids of old began a tradition of gift giving in the week following emergence. Small jewels, food, incense and other small gifts are brought into the cool sub-caverns when the tribe first arrives at the beginning of winter and are kept until emergence in spring to then be distributed by the druids in an impartial manner.


Enacted during the great famines following the cataclysm the northern most Yuan-ti began to brumate for months at a time to preserve energy, resources and help with reproduction in the coming spring. To help foster a feeling of community and diminish animosity a tradition of gift giving is upheld by the tribe upon the first day of re-emerging from their sleep.


The tribe members will fast for a week before going into brumation. On the day they will bathe in the river waters and cleanse themes of old shed, parasites etc before entering the sacred caverns. Once inside the council of druids will direct each tribe member to their clade's resting area in the cavern and take the gifts they bring to the holding chambers beneath the main caves. tags are affixed, golems and guardians are checked and permanence'd alarm spells are set at the entrances of the cavern. Lastly the druids guide each clade within the tribe through a final prayer and meditation and they all start their long sleep together.

Components and tools

Common gifts are hand made jewelry, food that preserves well like cured meats, incense, trinkets and sometimes weapons and armor of fine make. Each bundle has a wooden tag upon them with the giftee's name to ease distribution when spring comes.


All of the Berus Yuan-ti participate, to be left behind during brumation is to give up on breeding rights next spring. The Druids of the Scale are the main arbitrators during this delicate time and they uphold the laws and sacred rites. Elementals and golems are set up by these druids as guardians of the sleepers. The archdruid traditionally is in charge of gift distribution once the emergence begins.


Brumation takes place in the winter months on Toraga island and emergence is in the spring.
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