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The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is essentially one of the many versions of hell. It's a massive, leafless forest, with the ground permanently stained with rivers and puddles of blood. Those who reside here are the worse of the worst, vile cats who committed terrible, sometimes unspeakable acts. Those who live here are said to be at constant war, killing each other and mauling them. They believe that memory keeps them alive, and the more people who forget them, the more corpse-like they become, with bits of flesh fallen off, clumps of fur gone, eyes and organs falling out, maggots eating at their flesh and muscle, and/or visible bone. The more people that forget them, the more mangled and decomposed they become. At some point, there is barely a skeleton left, and when the last living cat forgets you, your brain finally fails. Commonly, bits of body parts, like eyes or paws, are illustrated or described as being strewn about. The cats themselves usually have blood dripping or pouring from their death wound, which has led to some gruesome descriptions of Dark Forest cats, such as those who have had their head crushed, or have been torn apart by a badger. Some also say that they have symptoms relating to how they died, such as a cat who drowned being constantly wheezing for air or coughing up water. They also usually keep any disabilities and scars they had in life. Some interpretations also include them having glowing white eyes, or their normal eyes. Some interpretations also make it so the Dark Forest is in a constant blood moon rather than being completely dark, have the forest be endless, or say there is no prey or drinking water, which leaves up to interpretation if the cats are constantly starving and dehydrated, or if they drink blood and cannibalize each other. Due to The Dark Forest being the version of hell in a major religion, it has numerous different interpretations, everywhere from a system of caves that is flooded with the blood of those slain there, to a place where those who are sent there have their ribcages torn open and their eyes ripped out.

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