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Monarch Trinity

The Monarch Trinity is a mysterious and ancient militant organization that seeks control over the world and the fate of mankind. Monarch is known to have existed at least as early as 1236 AD and may be even older.   It was rumored to be associated with the Roman Catholic Church, as one of its senior leaders at the time was a Catholic Bishop. This association appears to have persisted into the modern day; a mercenary hired by Monarch for the Fountain of Youth operation was able to trace the source of the organization's funding directly to the Vatican.


Monarch Trinity's membership is highly secretive and exclusive, with only a select few being chosen to join its ranks. It is believed that the organization seeks out individuals who hold considerable power and influence in their respective fields, whether it be government, finance, military, religion, or other fields. Joining Monarch Trinity is not as simple as filling out an application form. Potential members must first be deemed worthy by the existing members, who closely monitor and observe their actions and reputation. This rigorous selection process ensures that only those who share the same goal and dedication to the organization are admitted.   Once chosen, new members are subjected to a series of initiation rituals that are designed to solidify their allegiance to Monarch Trinity. These rituals often involve secrecy and manipulation, creating a sense of exclusivity and control over its members. Allegiance to Monarch Trinity is seen as above all other loyalties. Members are expected to prioritize the goals of the organization over personal interests or relationships. Any form of betrayal or disloyalty is met with severe consequences, which may include expulsion or even elimination.   The inner workings of Monarch Trinity remain largely unknown, as members are sworn to secrecy and forbidden from discussing their involvement in the organization with outsiders. This level of secrecy only adds to the mystique surrounding the group and its activities. In addition to its core membership, Monarch Trinity also employs a network of mercenaries and agents who carry out its missions around the world. These individuals are selected for their skill set and willingness to follow orders without question.


Monarch Trinity is organized in a hierarchical structure, with the most senior members holding positions of power and influence. The organization is largely governed by a high council of six members. These individuals are considered to be the most trusted and influential members of Monarch Trinity and hold ultimate authority over the organization's operations and decisions.   At the head of the High Council is the chairman, who serves as the leader of Monarch Trinity. The chairman is chosen by the council members themselves, based on their skills, experience, and allegiance to the organization. The identity of this individual remains unknown to outsiders, as they operate under various aliases and maintain a low profile to avoid detection.   Beneath the High Council are several branches and divisions within Monarch Trinity that specialize in different areas such as finance, logistics, intelligence gathering, and operations. Each branch is headed by a cell leader who reports directly to the high council. These cell leaders are responsible for managing their respective areas and ensuring they carry out their assigned tasks effectively.   Aside from its core membership and divisions, Monarch Trinity also has a network of operatives around the world who carry out its missions. These operatives include mercenaries hired for specific tasks or agents. They operate covertly under aliases and often have no knowledge of Monarch Trinity's true identity or goals.

Known Initiates

  • Lucas Petra - At the head of Monarch Trinity is Lucas Petra, also known as the Chairman. He is considered to be one of the most powerful and influential initiates in the organization. His leadership skills and strategic mind have led Monarch Trinity to great success over the years. His true identity remains unknown to outsiders.

  • The Cardinal - Another member of the High Council is known as The Cardinal. He holds a major role within Monarch Trinity, overseeing its operations in Europe South America, and Asia. Little is known about his true identity, but he is believed to be a master strategist with extensive knowledge of global politics and economics.

  • Kwang Yang - is a North Korean Field Commander for Monarch Trinity, responsible for leading missions and managing teams on assignments around the world. He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and weapons training, making him an invaluable asset on any dangerous mission.

  • Gerald Wayne - is an American Field Commander within Monarch Trinity's ranks. He is a talented field archaeologist and college professor. Wayne also acts as a spy for the organization. He uses his charm and charisma to gather information without raising suspicion. Wayne's expertise in archaeological excavation and artifact retrieval has made him a valuable asset to Monarch Trinity.

  • Jonathon Rorke – is at the forefront of Monarch Trinity's operations He is a highly skilled operative and leader, known for his tactical mind and ability to handle high-pressure situations. Rorke is responsible for coordinating and leading missions for the organization, often working closely with Lucas Petra and High Council. Rorke's background remains a mystery, but it is rumored that he has military training and experience in various special operations units. His expertise in combat and strategy has not only made him an invaluable asset to Monarch Trinity but also dangerous.

  • Seth Mendez - Mendez is a treasure hunter and archaeologist and serves as an operative for Monarch Trinity, specializing in infiltration and assassination. He is known for his stealth and cunning, making him a valuable asset on covert operations that require a delicate touch. His expertise in ancient artifacts and languages has allowed him to penetrate some of the most secure museums and private collections in the world to acquire items of interest for Monarch Trinity.

  • Trisha Conner - is an operative for Monarch Trinity, tasked with gathering intelligence and carrying out covert operations for the organization. She was recruited from the British military due to her exceptional skills in combat and her ability to think on her feet. Trisha's training with Monarch Trinity was rigorous, but she excelled in all areas. She quickly rose through the ranks and became one of their top operatives.

  • Mr. Rodriguez – is a highly skilled assassin and one of Monarch Trinity's top operatives. His true identity remains unknown, but he has been rumored to have ties to Mexican intelligence agencies. He is most known for his ruthless and efficient methods, often leaving no trace behind on his targets. His training includes specialized weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques, making him a deadly adversary in any situation.

  • Samuel Austin – is another formidable assassin within Monarch Trinity's ranks. He was recruited from the United States Navy SEALs after serving several tours in the Middle East. His combat experience and military training make him a valuable asset for the organization. Austin is known for his precision and attention to detail on missions. He also excels in improvisation, able to adapt quickly to changing situations. He has a cold and calculated demeanor, making him an efficient killer.


  • Roman Catholic Bishop - Monarch Trinity was initially founded by the Vatican. The bishop's true name remains unknown, but it is said that he was obsessed with world domination through manipulation of history. He led Monarch Trinity during its early years before passing away of old age.

Known Affiliates

  • Kevin West (Former) - was an initiate of Monarch Trinity who served as its Chief Financial Officer for many years before leaving the organization under questionable circumstances. It is rumored that he stole sensitive information and resources from Monarch Trinity before disappearing completely.

  • Countless mercenaries and military contractors - have also worked with Monarch Trinity over the years on various operations and missions. These affiliates, commonly uninitiated, come from all backgrounds and nationalities, providing diverse skills and resources to the organization. Their loyalty is often bought with high pay and promises of power or protection, and they execute the orders given without question.


All organizations have their own distinctive traits and symbols, and Monarch Trinity is no different. The organization's strict code and structured hierarchy give it a distinct presence, but one of its most defining aspects is its uniform. Just like any army or military, Monarch Trinity requires all initiated members to wear a standard uniform, a visual representation of their commitment and loyalty to the organization.   The uniform consists of a black jacket with Monarch's insignia embroidered on the upper-left arm. The logo is a combination of three separate triangles, representing the unity of mind, body, and spirit within the organization. The color black symbolizes the secrecy and darkness in which Monarch operates. This jacket is often worn over bulletproof vests for protection during missions.   In addition to the jacket, all initiated members are required to wear black combat boots. These boots not only provide comfort and support during physical tasks but also serve as a symbol of readiness for action at any time. Gloves are also part of the standard uniform, making it easier for members to handle weapons without leaving fingerprints or other identifying marks behind. The pants are also black in color to complete the uniform. They are made from durable material to withstand tough missions and provide ease of movement.   This standard dress code ensures that all members have a unified appearance and are easily recognizable as part of Monarch Trinity. It also serves as a way to instill discipline and adherence to rules among initiates. Any deviation from the standard uniform can result in disciplinary action. To further emphasize unity and loyalty within the organization, initiated members are also encouraged to wear small pins or jewelry featuring Monarch's insignia at all times, even when not in uniform.   Uninitiated mercenaries that work alongside members of Monarch on certain missions, do not have a standardized uniform like initiates do. These uninitiated individuals may come from various backgrounds or have different styles of dress based on personal preference.

Public Agenda/Goals

Monarch Trinity operates with a strict code and hierarchy, but their ultimate goal remains shrouded in mystery. However, through their actions and missions, it is clear that they have a larger agenda of controlling the world and shaping it according to their own beliefs.   One of the primary goals of Monarch Trinity is to eliminate any perceived threats to their power and influence. This includes targeting governments or individuals who oppose their ideology or stand in the way of their plans. Through strategic manipulation and use of force, Monarch works towards gaining control over key industries, resources, and territories.   Another aspect of Monarch's public agenda is maintaining secrecy and avoiding exposure to the general public. They operate in the shadows, using covert methods and careful planning to ensure that no one outside the organization knows about their existence or true intentions. This serves to protect their operations from interference and maintain an air of mystery around them. However, there are some instances where Monarch makes its presence known to gain favor with certain governments or organizations. This can include providing aid during natural disasters or carrying out high-profile rescues or missions that garner media attention. By doing so, they create a positive image for themselves in the public eye while also achieving their hidden objectives.   Monarch also has a specific interest in acquiring mythical or supernatural artifacts and expanding its network globally. Monarch Trinity also seeks to recruit new members who share their ideology and have valuable skills that can be utilized for the organization's benefit. These recruits are carefully selected based on intelligence, physical ability, loyalty, and willingness to follow orders without question.


Monarch Trinity employs a wide range of tactics depending on the situation, including the deploying troops to areas of interest. They have a network of mercenaries and hired guns who can be called upon to carry out missions or provide additional muscle when needed. These troops are trained in combat and specialize in various forms of warfare. In addition to armed conflict, Monarch also engages in espionage activities. This includes infiltration, where initiates are sent into organizations or governments to gather intelligence and manipulate events from within. Sabotage is another tactic used by Monarch, aimed at disrupting their enemies' plans or causing chaos in targeted areas. Assassination attempts are also a common tactic used by Monarch. They have highly skilled assassins who can eliminate key targets with precision and without leaving any trace behind. These assassinations serve two purposes for Monarch- eliminating threats to their power and sending a message to anyone who dares to stand against them.   Monarch Trinity is not afraid to use other forms of manipulation as well. They have been known to bribe officials or fund political campaigns in order to sway decisions in their favor. This allows them to maintain control over governments and ensure that they can continue carrying out their agenda without interference. However, despite all these tactics, Monarch also values secrecy and subtlety. They operate in the shadows, carefully planning each move so as not to draw too much attention to themselves. This allows them to maintain an element of surprise and keep their enemies guessing.


Monarch Trinity is not only a powerful and influential organization, but it is also incredibly wealthy and well-funded. This allows them to carry out their agenda on a global scale and maintain their position of power. Their financial resources come from various sources, and they take great care to diversify their assets to ensure stability.   One major source of the Monarch's wealth comes from their centuries-long connections with political figures, business leaders, and possibly even the Vatican. Through these connections, they are able to manipulate governments and use their influence to further their own goals and protect their interests. Monarch also has a significant presence in the banking industry, with several of its members holding prominent positions in influential banks. This gives them access to large sums of money that can be used for their operations or invested for long-term growth. Apart from financial assets, Monarch Trinity also possesses an impressive arsenal of military equipment including armored vehicles, advanced weapons systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and surveillance equipment. However, Monarch's greatest asset is its personnel - all fiercely loyal to the organization's cause. They provide valuable skills and expertise in carrying out missions as well as protecting the organization from any threats.
Founding Date
1236 AD, or earlier


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