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The City

699 P.L.

Welcome to The City, a soaring metropolis of magic and emerging technology. This is the last bastion of civilization in an increasingly hostile world. The Arc-Storms ravage the Wastes, wild magic warping and twisting the world into unrecognizable chaos. Life inside The City only exists because of the Wardstones. The Arc-light shield they create around The City is the only thing that can block the storms. Luckily, people are hard to keep down. Inside the shield, people thrive. Magic has been harnessed into Arc-Light reactors, which drive all the power of The City. Magical and Technological innovation are surging as understanding of the Weave ever increases. Industry is strong, and expansion is desired. The crowded, but hospitable streets welcome you as you get your first look up into the soaring towers, small airships darting between them. Overhead the lightrail blasts past at high speed, on it's way to the next district. Behind you a can rattles in the street. A voice in your ear whispers, "New blood? Don't suppose you've paid your dues." Before you can turn around, the world goes dark. The last sound you hear before unconsciousness is an evil chortle. Welcome to The City.