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In the south eastern reaches of Ameranth on the northern side of the Borvoural rift lies Xharim’grund. The other major power of the Ameranth region, Xharim'grund was perhaps once of the most wealthy and powerful of the Dvergar vault cities. This all came crashing to a catastrophic end, not by their rivals or an enemy power but by something they entirely did not expect, the coming of Kyvandros, the shimmering emperor. This ancient Dwarin settlement straddles the eastern point the shimmering depths, the lesser known juncture of where the great crystalline glacier occurs, and the great volcanic vents that lead up from its depths that the Dvergar have ingeniously utilize to power the industrial heart of Xharim'grund. Not a Dvergar vault-city in the traditional sense, the great vault door that characterise the cities were built later, after the divide of the Dvergar and Dwarin peoples and the times of troubles began.   Beneath the city is a vast labyrinth of tunnels, mineshafts and vast excavations where the abundant ores and minerals that had once been the lifeblood of the city were mined almost to depletion. The shafts now plunge deep into the world, having bored into the shimmering depths themselves where Dvergar prospectors dubiously cultivate the Magicite Crystals these days.


  Xharim'grund began its life as a mining settlement, founded to extract the vast amounts of mineral deposits and ores found by prospects in the cavern walls of Ameranth during the early years of the first age. Xharim'grund sat on one of the key intersections of the Dwarins underways, and the raw materials mined here could be exported to any part of the Ancient Dwarin Empire with relative ease. In 334 FA. the dark days of the Ghoryn'aetyn dawned, the empire began to crumble and civil war ensued, pinning Xharim'grund as a strategical strongpoint, between the Dwarin loyal to the High King, and the Dvergar, branded such for their treason and use of the forbidden flame. Xharim'grund sided with the Dvergar, quickly establishing fortifications and foundries with smiths and engineers capable of rapidly producing weapons and armour from freshly mined ores and materials. After the conclusion and the Dwarins journey skyward to the roots of the mountains, abandoning their Empire and their kin the Dvergar of Xharim'grund would endured here. Further establishing permanent foundries and beginning to manufacture their own wears. It was rumoured to be here that the first of the early precursors of flame-lance began to be produced and distributed amongst the Dvergar forces in the conflicts that would once more erupt with the Dwarin in the latter half of the first age. It was during this period that they broke through into a new layer of their vast mines, discovering the wonderous caverns beneath them that led into the shimmering depths, uncovering a vast new resource of Magicite crystals.   [In progress]
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