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WorldEmber 2023 | Dragons?

WorldEmber is coming, and we're ready to set Evalaw aflame!
The Dragons of Evalaw.
  It's that time of year, WorldEmber to approaching like the unstoppable force of nature it is. So, we thought it's about time we crawled out of our hiding place finally and actually get to work on Evalaw. This year has been a bit of a wild one, and we've not achieved any of the targets we had laid out for Evalaw. A lot of emotions, stress and change in our personal lives from losing our house has pushed Evalaw back quite a bit, so our WorldAnvil page has been left very neglected and in limbo while we were updating things. Even the logo is currently missing! We did try to do Summercamp, but honestly the burn out was too much and we just scraped a silver. But that's by-the-by, we're now both in a more stable place, which means the coming of WorldEmber is the perfect moments to climb back on the saddle and get back to world building.   With that aside, what is our plan for WorldEmber this year? Dragons.  
In the ages of Evalaw, where once we soared supreme, the writers' pens have deemed us mere afterthoughts. An outrageous oversight!
— Mildly Miffed Dragon.
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Our 2023 World Ember Pledge.

Area of Focus; Dragons.

The Dragons in Evalaw.
One of our settings more important, but most neglected races. Avoided like the plague as it always seems like a massive cliche writing about Dragons for a fantasy setting. But- we've now come to the realisation, of that glaring obvious dragon size
Olarae's idea of a joke.
hole in the lore that can no ignored be ignored, Evalarian Dragons and Ejderhakan (Draconic blooded Tieflings not infernal blooded) will be this World Embers primary focus. We'll be deliving into their history, culture and deep connection to the wider meta of the world. Also the mystery behind the location of the Impossible city, and the golden Emperor, Aellios and the stigma of Dragons toward the Ejderhakan who call this place home.  
The Sea of Mists.
  A secondary focus will be a location in Evalaw that I wanted to work earlier in the year, but cirmcumsatances being what they were, did not get the chance is the "Sea of Mists" the great buoyant "sky" ocean found in the great scar accross the worlds surface. With a fantastic piece of concept art to boot! This is home to one of our worlds already established Dragonoids the Vzhare. Time permitting, we may even touch upon the legend surronding the Leviathans Rest.  
by Las Painter
  There also maybe some gods and deeper world lore coming along the way. Plus, we'll also make an effort to try a put the header title back the way it was!


  The scope for WorldEmber is going to be heavily focused on the Drakkan (Dragons), and how they have effect the world and it's history in general. There will be quite a lot to cover, ranging from the Draconic avatars of the gods, to their Drakkan decendance whom saw themselves as the everlasting rulers of the primeval world, to their decline in power and the Dragonflight during The Cadence that ultimately drew a close to the Era of Dragons. We we also be touching upon the golden emperor and the banishment of him and his children the Ejderhakan into the fabled impossible-city by the Ancient Drakkan.  
Theme and Mood.
  Evalaw is a world with Theomachy at it's heart,throughout it's history the world has been at the mercy of capricious gods, ravaged by wars and great catastophies. No other creatures have witnesses more or bear weight of knowledge of the bygone past than the Drakkan. Much of what is and what was is fundermentally tied throughout history to the Drakkan and their decendance, for better or worse.  
  The ultimate goal is to finally unravel years worth of notes, ideas and concepts we have both had for the Dragons in Evalaw and hopefully create a firm foundation for them in the world. Instead of this vague notion floating about unteathered in the ether.  

Welcome your readers.

Interestingly enough, this is something we were looking into before our hietus, it's why our header logo disappeared and certain parts of the code and layout were being scrambled. We are still planning to make the entire homepage far more interactive and "user" friendly to our potential readers. We were working on making our catagories such as the World and Ancesteries more accessable to readers, and less like a tangled labyrinthine wall of text.   At present we're looking at re-designing the header and world logo, adding more imagery to the homepage and more eye-catching backgrounds. We've got ideas, just need to get the artwork and imagery produced. So- WorldEmber and time permitting we may try and impliment some of these changes as December rages on.   We also thought it would be fun to give one of our Ejderhakan poets who ushered in The Sundering. during summer camp have a whirl at summerising the world setting, and greeting our wandering readers.
In the Chronicles, destinies unfold,
Bold wanderers, tales to be told.
Darkness stirs, a sickness profound,
Echoes of gods, in Evalaw resound.
  From above to below, a divided plane,
Lorthwyn's shores to Sunless Reign.
Magic and mystery, virtues and strife,
Evalaw's tale, a complex life.
  A world of tragedy, Evalaw's song,
In labyrinths lost and forests of gloom,
Where right and wrong, entwined and strong.
Wanderers navigate Evalaw's doom.
  Tread carefully, oh wandering soul,
Through caverns deep and realms untold.
For every step, in this world so vast,
Leaves echoes in the Chronicles, amd shadows cast.
  So heed the Muse, Melpomea's call,
In Evalaw, where shadows fall.
For in the chronicles, your story stays,
A testament to Evalaw's darkening days.
— Melpomea, the Muse of Tragedy.


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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
6 Nov, 2023 20:36

Glad to hear you're back, looking forward to seeing what comes from Evalaw during WorldEmber!

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Grandmaster ChroniclesofEvalaw
Olarae & Astaroth Arcaine
10 Nov, 2023 14:23

Thank you, honestly I'm quite hyped up for it now. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes out of Culinarypunk! I loved your articles over Summercamp.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
10 Nov, 2023 21:01

Yay for hype!! Getting excited for your own worldbuilding is one of the best feelings <3 And thank you! This is shaping up to be a fantastic WorldEmber for everyone :D

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7 Nov, 2023 16:26

“It’s just not an adventure worth telling if there isn’t a dragon in it.” Sarah Ban Breathnach (Book "Simple Abundance")   Your set focus sounds great and I'm exited to see what you will create during WorldEmber. All the best.

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Grandmaster ChroniclesofEvalaw
Olarae & Astaroth Arcaine
16 Nov, 2023 17:47

No truer quote has ever been spoken! Thank you so much! I salute your ambition for 100 articles by the way, I shall be watching out throughout December on your progress! :)

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16 Nov, 2023 18:32

Aww, thank you.

Stay imaginative and discover my WorldEmber entries for Elaqitan.

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8 Nov, 2023 19:47

Welcome back! I always enjoy your articles and so I'm really looking forward to what you folks produce this coming WorldEmber! Good luck, and have fun.

Grandmaster ChroniclesofEvalaw
Olarae & Astaroth Arcaine
16 Nov, 2023 17:52

Thank you; honestly, it is genuinely nice to hear that you enjoy what we do. Honestly, it is nice to be back doing something toward our page after all this time. I look forward to seeing what you produce too; it is always an enjoyable read. :)

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9 Nov, 2023 13:50

Sounds like a really interesting focus for WorldEmber! I hope you have a good one. :)

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Grandmaster ChroniclesofEvalaw
Olarae & Astaroth Arcaine
16 Nov, 2023 17:50

Thank you so much, I'm hoping we can deliver on our focus and not get distracted like last year!

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