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V'ron'dii Vivisslith - House Vivisslith

A house that came into being during the foundation of Rie'shae by a number of lower ranking nobles within the Gani'orell court, this was before the Gani’orell began to isolate themselves away from the rest of society. Due to a number of successful prospecting expeditions across the region during the early years of the isolation age, the budding house Vivisslith quickly seized the opportunity to establish one of the most prosperous crystal mines throughout the entire Ameranth region.   Their access to powerful magick imbued crystals produced a number of powerful Vivisslith mages in the city. This, coupled with the wealth generated from mining such versions crystals led to the houses meteoric rise to power, securing itself as one one of the foremost noble houses in Rie’shae.Their ambitions grew, securing artisans and crafters to produce fine items of quality, fine jewellery and bespoke magic imbued items; enchanted weapons, wands, staffs, circlets and other such charms and foci. Seizing a monopoly on these good in Rie'shae for a while made the house the most wealthy V'ron'dii in Rie'shae for almost a century.   This was until the dragon known only as the Shimmering Emperor destroyed the entire of house Vivissliths mining operation, financially crippling the house that had all its assists invested in the deep mining, and leading to the complete collapse of a number of merchant guilds. It also tends to attack any others that try setting up mines close to its realm.   This Creature has been scarred into their collective memory as their enemy and has sworn a blood oath to destroy the beast and reclaim what they have lost.
Geopolitical, Great house


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