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V'ron'dii Bel’vannas - House Bel'vannas

This mercantile House has a on a number of lucrative trade routes and caravans that run deep throughout the sunless realms. A route that has cause the house a deal of strife and conflict with other houses, city-states and most notable, the great house Naggacii. Despite these ordeals, house Bel’vannas resourcefulness and ability to adapted and survived time and time again are what have made it one of Rie’shae preeminent noble houses in it’s own right.   It’s survival has been partly attributed to the Klarr’Ornvetch Trading guild, as one of the principle houses involved in the guilds affairs. The current Guild Master is of House Bel'vannas, with many of their kin becoming members of the guild itself. As such they have become a house of whole hearted traders, what nobles are not invested in the courtly, diplomatic and administrative affairs of the house have become traders, organising and leading caravans on behalf of the house. They are the life line of the houses business operation.   This sudden dominance in the Caravan trade was achieved through an agreement with upstart House Gluntiir. This agreement was for House Gluntiir to withdraw from and not become involved in the caravan networks, and that in accordance with this house Bel'vannas would not involve itself in the slave trade.   Ironically being an entirely economic house they have very little in the way of real power in the underworlds complex political quagmire, the only influence and favour they hold is bought and payed for among the other houses and guilds. Tending the settle in investing their vast economic wealth in mercenaries and sell swords to protect their interests and caravans then mustering their own armed forces.   Outward opponents of the black market, seeing it as a cancer that nibbles away at their own profits, they have actively tried to destroy it in the past. Putting them in open conflict with the cartels and criminal syndicates that run them.
Geopolitical, Great house


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