The terms of surrender to Prince Leovigild Reinthofen

The Tenacity of an Empress to be.

The Battle of Brindun fields was the decisive death rattle of the once mighty Meldionheim Empire, as it broke into the series of successor kingdoms of mankind, many of which are still seen to this day.   Since the year of the three, the throne of Meldionheim had been vacant for over five hundred years, since then the empire had been falling apart, governed by an Interim-senate, the imperial house broke down into a number of successive houses, squabbing and waging internal conflicts and wars with one another over the right of the succession. By 4030TW the matter had dissolved into there being two primary claimants to the throne, Prince Leovigild of house Reinthofen and Princess Eléonore of House D'Auvergne. This conflict would finally reach its climax in 4036TW, at the battle of the Brindun fields, an area of ash scorched planes that surround the ruined husk of the once proud capital of the Meldionheim Empire.   The infamous letter from Princess Eléonore D'Auvergne characterises the intense blood feud between the two branches of the imperial family. Demanding unconditional surrender of House Reinthofen before the Battle of Brindun fields, which was supposed to be a diplomatic meeting between the two factions turned into one of the bloodiest battles in human history.   An interesting fact scholars have picked out from the letter is the prayer for her cousins soul at the end before her signature. This was the first time before her later coronation as Empress of Orsiétte that Eléonore D'Auvergne mentions the one god, and has led to speculation that she had already been converted, if not influenced by The Church of the One.


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14 Jul, 2021 21:29

Dang, you can feel the anger dripping off the letter when you read it. Well done :)

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15 Jul, 2021 13:46

The future Empress is quite formidable, defiantly not a lady you'd want to cross!

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