The Sapphire Isle Concordat.

The Sapphire Isle concordat was the first in a long line of political concordats, agreements and treaties between the Aelfaune. Its purpose was to sign an agreement to end to the Third Elven War. However, the problem with this conflict was the splintered factions. In the past two great elven wars there had been two sides. Now there were multiple factions all with their own goals and ambitions.   A solution was devised by the Ishaanrii Queen Alyndra Lithan'luel, whom after years of countless campaigning had managed to bring many of the Aelfaune peoples under the Phaendar league. Though the Archipelagos of the golden veil and mountains of Empyrea had remained unscathed, it was the islands that encircle it, and deserts of Nimaeria whose people had been affected most by the sundering's cataclysmic conclusion, whom now only sought peace. Entire islands were swallowed up by the sea never to be seen again, while others were shattered in hundreds of pieces, as had been seen in the case of the Island nation of Threylica.   The Issue lay with the other elven powers. The Aurlorien's holy wars had encroached upon numerous lands and territories of the other elven peoples, as such had either galvanised these powers against them, or fractured them into numerous squabbling principalities. The Ishaanrii sought the aid of the Sylvan Elves to help broker a peace, who had on numerous occasions attempted to quell the fighting between the Aurloriens and Baus'quie and stabilize the situation during the intermediate years of the Dusk War. Next to Aurelion they had the largest military presence in Lorthwyn, the main difference being that the Sylvanians were pacifists, only using their warriors defensively and sparingly where needed. Aurelion on the other hand had a tempered and honed war machine, forged in the crucible of the sundering with a holy mission. It was Queen Alyndras hope that a unity between the Sylvan and Ishaanrii would send a message of peace and stability to the other elven creeds. A hope that in the end paid off, bringing of the elven leaders to the summit in Phaendar, The Gardens of Eva on the Sapphire Isles.   The result saw the establishment of a Triarchy under the Sapphire Isle Concordat. Three elven monarchies that would share secular power over all Lorthwyn. The Ishaanrii, Aurlorien and Sylvanians would rule Lorthwyn giving a degree of autonomy to the other elven states, autonomy that would be chipped away and reined in by the Aurlorien over the coming centuries. Especially in regard to their relation with the Vaulnorian remnants in Baus'quie.
Decree, Governmental


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