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"Most of our kind have little credence to the lengths our ancestors sunk to ensure we did not lose everything our people worked so hard to build, and how much of ourselves we actually sacrificed in order to save it..."
— Unknown
-   Deep in the crucible of Evalaws mantle, the once mighty Dwarin empire reigned as the undisputed rulers of the underworld for countless generations. It was here in the embrace of the earth mother, and the kiln of the stone farther Jhollrg that the Dwarin were born. So why should they so freely surrender their birth right, and flee from their ancestorial seat? Why did their kin so freely abandoned all that they had accomplished to ruin. In the Dvergars eyes, the Dwarin betrayed them; Leaving their the once vast and indominable Dwarin empire to fall into ruin, and abandoning their ancestors to endure the horrors that had begun to emerge from the primordial depths. Whilst the Dwarin tell a very different tale of how the Dvergar were outcast and banished from their ancestral halls for their misdeeds during their peoples darkest hour.   Whatever the truth of the matter, the Dvergar turned their backs on the Ancestor gods, instead embracing the forbidden flame, granting the Dvergar the power to endure. An industrious yet distrustful and despotic people. Infamous for their underhanded and sinister political tactics, and have established a reputation for ambition, malevolence, hatred and brutality. Their only concern is for wealth, power and an unquenchable thirst to reclaim all that which is rightfully theirs no matter the cost. Hated and loathed by their own kin for the grudges of old, whom they equally share little love for maintaining and harbouring this ancient feud with their kin. Unlike their cousins, the Dvergar care little for ancient tradition, veneration of ancestral wisdom and the great dynastic lineages that epitomise the Dwarin of Kazak'Mourdren and their yolk. Long gone are the proud and honourable notions that are so commonly attributed to the Dwarin.  

Dvergar Anatomy

The common ancestry that the Dwarin share with the Dvergar is something that vehemently deny. Disavowing them as oath breakers and claiming any insinuation of that kind was an insult to their ancestors and a question of honour. The Dvergar, are very much like their distant cousins physically, being a short and stocky people. Standing almost a foot shorter than most humans, between four to four and a half feet tall, with wide compact bodies that account for their burley appearance.
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Martial Tradition

Dvergar warriors are renowned for being extremely tough, well armoured, and used to harsh punishment. Using a combination of traditional heavy armour and broad shields for their opponent to break themselves upon, with the forbidden technologies of their forge masters to gain the edge upon their opponents.

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