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Tai'Atef Senphnmiet

Instructor of the necrotic arts at the Bel'vanion'dol Institute in the city-state of Rie'shae. Tai'Atef is a dour and melancholy individual, far more comfortable in her own company and that of the dead.     Tai'Atef was born into the respected Senphnmiet family, showing a promising aptitude to the Arcane arts. As a Phyraxgian, she was destined to attend Sinyda'phraxx; the school of dark arts, and join one of the sorceress circles that dominate the collegiate city. The young Tai'Atefs own self-confidence and hubris would be her folly. Excelling in most of her studies, she found her natural affinity to necrotic magic her true calling, honing her craft and focus in necromancy. At the young age of 26, she found the spells and foundations she was being taught tedious, and drawl, overconfident that her own skill far exceeded such petty novice incarnations. She one day seized an opportunity, stealing an unattended grimoire from one her tutors, and sought to weave the more advanced and intricate spells the necrotic arts had to offer. The Grimoire in question was an artefact that was still being studied, containing a number of ancient forbidden spells by Ancient masters of the dark arts.     Perusing the pages of the tome, she close one spell that opened a gateway into the Morblithe. However, she lack the constitution and experience required to open such a rift, was far beyond her fledgling skills. The gateway sparked to life, then within that moment of holding such raw, otherworldly power in one hand, it began to sap the very life away from her, stripping the very flesh from her left hand, leaving nothing but bone. Out of sheer desperation and will power, she managed to shut the rift closed. But the repercussions and sheer agony from the bloodied skeletal husk that remained of her left arm was something she would now carry for the rest of her life. Her actions almost led to her being expelled from Sinyda'phraxx altogether, if it had not been for her instructor whom shoulder the responsibility for losing her own tome to an adolescent youngling.     Her Circles instructors and even some of the higher-sorceresses were unable to undo the damage done by the Morblithe rift she had opened. In the end, they decided to take a different stance. Using the necrotic energy that destroyed her arm, to reanimate it. Though surprisingly still functional, it was held together by very strong Necrotic magics woven into the bone, and fed by a constant ebbing of her own mana. The grisly remains of her left arm is something decades late she would use as a teaching aid to her students, as a stark reminder of the consequences of underestimating and misusing this fell and unforgiving art. As a consequence, the arms nature acts as a powerful magic focus.     Like most Phyraxgian mages of Sinyda'phraxx she prefers to wear the traditional attire, making hers stand out in Bel'vanion'dol, despite not wishing to draw attention to herself. She tends to Keep to herself, somewhat of a loner, preferring to keep to her dormitory and laboratories where she teaches, seldomly interacting with any of the other faculty.     Though still apart of the Covens of Sinyda'phraxx, she came to teach in Rie'shae away from her homeland.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Sorceress of the fourth circle.
  • Instructor of Necromancy at Bel'vanion'dol

Character Portrait image: by EllirhShaan


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