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Sirivela Naggacii

The Corsair Itharinn of the midnight seas.

Sirivela Naggacii by GreenVikeen
The midnight seas of the underworld are a dangerous and treacherous place, filled with unfathomable horrors, strange shores and unimaginable wonderous that and beyond anything seen on the oceans of the world above. Across these sunless seas, many of the ports and settlements that line it's jaunted shores have been haunts of numerous pirates, freebooters and smugglers. None more infamous in this age as than that of Sirivela Naggacii, the Corsair Itharinn of the midnight seas. Though highborn Sirivela is not your typical Lady of a Il'ron'dii (great house), she has no interest in the tedious politics nor the petty games the courtiers of other houses enjoy for a start. She would rather look a person dead in the eye, blades drawn before they stab her, rather than be embroiled in some pointless schemes only to find an assassins blade in her back for the trouble.   Sirivela is one of the most infamous Dral'azie corsairs and freebooters of this age. Known for her bold and brazen attitude, and canny ability to take high risks and succeed where others would urge caution. Highly skilled with a blade, Sirivela tends to lead by example whirling into a fray with terrifying speed and tenacity of a whirling dervish.
Sirivela gave a long lacklustre sigh of irritation, there was a glimmer of silver, the sudden rush of air and a sickening wet thwack as the man's throat was effortlessly sliced wide open. "Disappointing" she groaned before throwing her bloodstained scimitar at one of her crewmen "Clean that" she continued before sauntering off like nothing had happened.
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Child of the Sunless Seas

  Born into great house Naggacii, the Naggacii do not hold the traditional values and conventions of the Valroshi like the rest of their kin. Hailing from the Ithen'drel of Na'alvihor, an island city that's fleets control the vast majority of the waterways and seas of the underworld. Sirivela is like many children of the midnight seas, spending most of her childhood causing mischief on docks and the trading districts of Na’alvihor. As an adolescent she showed promise excelling at her kins trade, quickly becoming an experienced sailor with and a fast growing reputation as a merciless cut-throat and a dervish with a blade as she grew into adulthood. And while she was being moulded and trained to run sail the seas, and head the trading caravans much like her siblings had done, her parents had devised a different path in mind.

Being the youngest surviving daughter of the bloodline, it was deemed prudent she would be betrothed to establish an political alliance with another house, whose relations had been steadily improving over the past few decades. Upon discovering her parents intention, Sirivela took up her blades and fled, single handily stealing a small vessel she headed out into the midnight sea. Over the next century she spent her time evading the pursuit of her family, her siblings chasing her across the length and breadth of the sunless seas. She eventually would finally break away and lose them for good, finding a new ship and began scouring the seas with a handpicked crew of retainers, sailors, corsairs and bloodthirsty reavers she met along her travels. Spending the next century seeking out adventure and riches. Raiding, plundering and harrying trading ports, cargo ships and settlements across the sunless seas. Her infamy quickly earnt her the accolade of the Corsair Itharinn (a moniker that has stuck with her for centuries after), and a sizeable bounty placed upon her and her crew.   [IN PROGRESS]
Current Location
Year of Birth
5093 TW 23133 Years old
Owned Vehicles


Sirivela's possesses a very carefree and uncouth attitude with a general disregard to the norms and conventions of society. Her determination and drive to peruse whatever she sets her mind to is unsurmountable, having achieved more than the vast majority of her family in a very short time, Sirivela is sometimes overconfident in her abilities, a victim of her own hype. Making her charismatic and highly boastful of her own accolades, playing up to the reputation cultivated when negotiating a deal or offering terms. Her main ambition is to do what her family could not and establish the first continuous trade route between Na’alvihor, Dragh'zeruel, Zhennu'janai, Rie'sahe and Vaul'riek.   Known for being extremely forward and crass with her language, Sirivelas attitude toward sex and relationships is unsurprisingly very casual. However, Sirivela is very particular preferance with whom she chooses. Those that think they have a chance to woo her are woefully ill prepared for the task, getting far more than they bargained for. Those who try and force themselves upon her, regret it immediately. The last male who dared to try such a thing now serves as a eunuch for a petty noble in Na’alvihor.  


Due to years intensive training and gruelling work on the seas, Sirivelas is physically a very lithe and muscular individual, capable of pulling her weight in any situation. Tall and buxom, it is has been no wonder numerous bards and troubadours of the Sunless Realms sing tales of this beautiful corsair Itharinn, of her vibrant orange hair and cold sapphire stare. The over embellishment is something Sirivela herself has found most amusing over the years.   Usually found adorning leathers garments, practical and impractical alike. She is well known for her thigh heigh boots, her twin scimitars dangling from their scabbards around her waist and signature jewelled diadem that sweeps back her wild orange hair. The rest of her outfit changes dependant if she’s running a company of trade caravans, to embarking upon the seas privateering and reaving.  
by Rakaraka


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