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Qul'vaar Belvorien, the prophet of Zhennu'janai

Aulsh'ganel (Grand Master) Qul'vaar Belvorien (a.k.a. The prophet of Zhennu'janai)

Such a pity. But doubt is like a cancer and must be cut free.
— Qul'vaar, after killing one of his lieutenants who questioned him.
The enigmatic and illusive prophet of Zhennu'janai; Qul'vaar Belvorian is something of a living legend in the caverns of the underworld. He is a Machiavellian schemer, charismatic as is he radical. Working mysteriously beyond the comprehension of those he presumes to serve, he follows the visions and premonitions he receives that has earned him the accolade. Carving runes into his body and imbue with magic, each one a prophecy he has foreseen that has yet to come, now covering the entire left side of his body. He is instantly recognisable from his shaven head covered in some of his more prolific prophecies for all to see.


Qulvaar grew up as a scion of house Belvorian in the city-state of Zhennu'janai. As a child, he began experiencing visions and premonitions very early on. Beseeching his mother and other close members of his household a number of times about his foresight into events. At first, they considered them to be the imaginative babblings of a child, but when a number came to fruition the they began to pay far closer attention to Qulvaars gifts. His gift aided his mother in rising to prominence against her rivals within the house, earning her renown and prestige in court. However, the baleful ire of the courtiers soon found the source of his mother's meteoric rise. This set Qulvaar himself up as the targeted for a series of political scandals and even assassination attempts.   As he grew older, Qulvaar became more than just one who see visions, he has claimed to be able to see the forks in the road, how to change destiny, where the future could or could not lead. Even to the point he can foresee his own death, and the actions of others before they even make them. As a result, he fled Zhennu'janai, taking up the mantle of the Temple to protect himself from further persecution by his Belovrian rivals, knowing full well what fate awaited him should he remain in Zhennu'jani.   The rest of Qulvaars life has been shrouded in secrecy. Little is truly known about Qul'vaar or his meteoric climb up the ranks of the Templar Order. Quickly a following of developed around him, with many of his devotees drawing a direct connection between him and the Goddess, a connection which he does not go out of his way to confirm or deny. Considered a charismatic and brilliant sociopath by the Temple authority to his followers, Qul'vaar is seen by his followers as a holy figure and a messiah. Much to the displeasure of the Temple Authority, who consider him to be a danger to the status quo. These suspicions rose in 922 TD. with the sudden death of the Templar Grand Master. With no clear successor, the Synod moved to elect a new Grand Master and unanimously elected the rather unknown Qul'vaar Belvorien over a number of high ranking, long serving senior Templar members. The discontent of the Templar leaders has soured relations between the Chapters and it's Grand Master for the last several decades.

The Design of the Prophet

Ultimately Qul'vaar believes he is on a divine mission to see the Seven signs fulfilled. As such, he has cultivated and grown a fanatical following and inner circle within the Templar Orders. A cult of personality that revere and obey him unquestionably. As such he has begun to weed out this dissidents from the order. Unable to outright oust and silence them without starting a schism within the temple, he has elected other means to weed out those that could prove problematic to his plans. The Sekaareh campaign in particular, entrusting one of his devoted followers Olorthara Lallondi, and on his instruction infiltrated the ranks of the Dral'Ithiliren Templar chapter, becoming Master of the Ithilen chapter. Her role was pivotal in diminishing the resistance to his growth of his following. Olorthara would lead the Sekaareh campaign and sabotage it as part of Quul'vaars design, she would also use her influence prior to this to not oppose the incursion of the Charnelites into Rie'shae and the areas surrounding Draal'Ithilen. The plan was to rid the order of the majority of the undesirable elements that were considered either unpredictable or would openly oppose him in the years to come. Through the removal of these elements he can begin to place puppets into the chapters and wrestle total control over them.   Knowing that if the moonlight seers of Draal'Ithilen were a potential threat and would have seen through his plans, the Charnelites incursion was another part of this ploy. Manipulating the a situation and distracting the Seerhood to his movements that would place two elements in open conflict with each other so he can move his hand freely.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
195 TW. 28421 Years old
182 lbs
Aligned Organization

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