As the world grew darker, more malicious wicked things crept back into it. For every town has it's demons and village it's monsters that prey on the innocence when the lights go out for those that dwell under the sun. Ruin brought about by such Nightmares would ignite the hearts of those courageous enough to stand against the rising darkness. Lucien [Placeholder surname] is one such man that seeks out the horrors of the dark and puts an end to them, for the right price of course. Over the decades Lucien has become famed and renowned for his exploits and adventures against some of the monstrous contracts he had accepted and ridiculous situations he has found himself up in, becoming the subject of songs sung in taverns by bards and troubadours in the lands of men. For Lucien, life is good but dangerous and filled with peril, for every great struggle there is great reward, riches and revelry to be hand. All until a cruel twist of fate would see him enthralled and at the mercy of an devious entity far beyond his comprehension.  

The Black Dread.

  It all began with Gortex, the Black Dread. Rarely do black dragons claw their way up from the bowels of the underworld. The devastation that dragon would bring upon the town of Tifaington was something not seen since the draconic wars and the doom of the Meldenheim Empire. Lucien had recently taken a number of contracts in Tifaington to seek out a number of Xiiealiru¬†that had crawled their way up from the great decent, and began to prey upon communities that dwelt on the outskirts of the town.   It was late into the early hours that the black dread would emerge from the great chasm. Black wings unfurled high into the nights sky and only death and destruction on its mind. What drove the dragon from the belly of the underwolrd is unknown, fuelling stories and speculation for generations.   Lucien stood stalwart, smoke choking all around him, he hand reaching for his blade as the fires rages as far as the eye could see, defiantly staring Gortex down. It was here in the ruins of Tifaington that Lucien died at the hands of the black dread. And yet, death did not take him for another had other intentions for the famous monster hunter.   Instead of death, Lucien woke before the apparition of an abhorrent figure stood before the broken man. Forming from out of a monstrous crow, It thickened, blackened and drew together as a shadow came toward him, a shapeless shadow that began to take on the form of a man, his face covered save for bottom of his head, pallid sickly flesh, with a wicked unnatural grin, like hooks wrenching it up from each corner.   He was told by this dark figure that he would not die this day, and that when he asked why he brought him back the figure laugh and simply told him "you'll see" turning piece by piece into a squawking ravens and then was gone.   He would realise that he did not age, after a decade that turned into two, he began to notice this?? Realising he could not dislose this to anyone for the next six decades he lived with this terrible secret, still unknowing who this mysterious figure was. (The vestige of the fallen one.)   He would seek out a powerful hedge wizard, and old aquarelle of his Bodum, Lucian encountered the young boy Aldenius and the Half-Aelfaune girl Eloa, he knew not then but their fates were destined to be interwoven from that day on. It was here that Bodum revealed the dark truth about the being that had afflicted upon him.   In recent years, Lucian has been branded an enemy of the one faith, his longevity having not gone unnoticed, during a tirade of abuse from the Bishop of ??, Lucian is reported to have struck him, knocking the bishop to the ground and dispatching a number of his acolytes in the process.


Author's Notes

Article no where near complete, having started writing this character it's rose a lot of questions and lore that needs ironing out. So here's what is nailed down currently. Will get complete ASAP, and sorry it's so incomplete, but need these SC prompts cleared! Side note; this is SerenityOnyx/Olaraes character who hasn't chosen a surname for him still! Any suggestions would be welcome :D

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