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Within Dral'azie society there are very few entities higher in terms of raw power, influence and prestige than an Ithicess, only the Ault'draiss (Imperial Empress), the Exalt of the seven signs or a rival Ithicess wield such power. An Ithicess is a hereditary autocratic despot that rules over an Ithen'drel (A Dral'azie City State), and is head of one of the prominent great houses in Dral'azie society. An Ithicesses rule is absolute throughout her domain, enforced by her children and the houses scions. Her word is law and hold over her subjects is tyrannical.


This position is traditionally held exclusively by female members of the household, and can only be inherited to the direct a descendant of a Ithecesses bloodline. Should a direct descendant not be found, the coldest living relative that shares the Houses name will be sought out.


On the death of a Ithecess, the children and direct descendants of the late ruler will begin a long jostle for power. Usually throughout her lifetime the Ithecess will carefully groom an heir, they will seek to secure support from the members of their household. However, their siblings and rivals will not remain idle and do the same. When the time comes, there is a power vacuum where the heir apparent will move to claim the Ithecesses throne. It is here that the blood business of support to their claim matters, for should they be opposed it can turn into an internal struggle. Successions have seen throne rooms became battlefields where the heirs and their supporters fight for control of the House and the City-state. Becoming a matter of principle to kill one's rival and ascend as Ithecess. Many Heirs seek to secure their siblings loyalty with promises of positions and power. Others merely assassinate their rivals to clear the way. Whatever the method, the path to power is one not trod lightly.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
My Ithecess
Alternative Naming
Ilthecel - The Male Counterpart.
Length of Term
Untill death or abdicvation.


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