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It was told centuries past, when the silence that echoed throughout the lands brought the Sundering to a close. Their Immortal Mother chose to persevere her children from the curse of sunlight that blistered and burnt them. Guiding them into the sanctuary of the underworld, beyond the lights touch. The Dral'azie came to believe their kind were a race chosen to prevail over all others in these sunless depths, thanks to their Immortal Mother's Blessing, and eventually engrossed themselves in the belief that they among all others were superior and chosen to survive by Aulreth herself.
Cursed And Banished Into The Underworld, The Dral'azie, Are A Malevolent And Hedonistic Race Of Subterranean Elves With A Penchant For Dark Magic, That Serve The Goddess Aulreth.
  A long-forgotten echo of a once noble lineage, choosing to split off and pursue their worship of Aulreth and Dark Magic, cursed and cast away from the light, they were banished into the underworld. Here they have rebuilt their civilization in the depths, becoming a far cry from the rest of their ilk. The history of the Darl'azie is one drenched in blood and treachery, littered with violent atrocities and acts of debauchery. From the eternal war against their hated kin, to the petty squabbles among themselves, their society became a malevolent and hedonistic vipers’ nest of self-indulgence and religious fervour. Dral'azie society is a complex matrilineality with strong aristocratic, theocratic and militaristic elements running throughout. Built around the self-belief of their own divine superiority as the children of Aulreth. Their civilization is a Diarchy, primarily dominated and ruled over by the Imperial Ault'draiss - Empress of Dragh'zeruel, and the Ilthicesses of the Ithen'drels - Dral'azie City States. But Imperial authority only affects part of the realm. The other portion is preceded over by the religious sect devoted to the Goddess and her pantheon. Guided by The Exalt of Draal'Grondi, the Arch-Priestess of the priesthood and the Grand master of the Templar's, they represent the pillars of the Temple of the Seven Signs spiritual authority. This dynamic has created a power vacuum between church and state, both viewing themselves as the goddess’s true representative on Evalaw. Both looking unto their mother for leadership and guidance, who has long fallen silent.   The Dral'azie were cursed by the Goddess Aushurie, resulting in an inherent weakness to sunlight that forced them underground and drastically changed their appearance over the centuries. Their society is rooted in customs and traditions drawn from the long-lost lineages and cultures of the world before. Overall, they are much like their Aelfaune cousins; matching their physical beauty, grace and pride. Peerless craftsmanship and formidable martial prowess. Possessing a strong affinity to the tides of magic due to their shared Faye ancestry.   However, that is where the similarities end. They have a very dark complexion that seems to almost melt into the darkness of night, excelling at the dark arts, including death magic and shadow empowerment. Possessing a far more liberal attitude towards sex than other races, they tend to wear clothing that seems to be too explicit to overworld sensibilities. Unlike the rest of their kin they are creatures of hubris, malicious, cruel and manipulative, completely ruthless only thinking about themselves. They feel their race is superior to all others, considering all other peoples to be inferior, that their power is absolute. Having spent the past four thousand years brutally carving out there under empire, dominating all those they deem beneath them into servitude as they have imposed their tyrannical rule upon the underworld, fuelling conflicts with its other denizens.
Emblem of the The Tra'vanor Imperium that has become widly synominous with the Dra'azie.

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The term Dral'azie finds its genesis in the Unification period, and the establishment of the Seven signs. No mention to the dispossessed Dark Aelfaune as Dral'azie comes until the end of this period when the city-states begun to be subjugated under the Urithair rule.

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