Calithis Vel'Itholren

Many come to my lands in search of wealth, to plunder our tombs and steal their treasures. They scoff at the stories thinking them nothing but fairy tales to tell scare small children… then they die scream, and wander my sands for all eternity. You. You will get no much luxury.
— Calithis passing judgment on a group of tomb robbers, caught in the royal necropolis of Veilnakarah.
Throughout the Sunless realms, there are many formidable and powerful figures one should be wary of. None is feared and loathed than the Phyraxgian Pharahess, Calithis Vel'Itholren. The Tyrant of Phryaxgias infamy is well known and her power and influence reaches far. Together with her knowledge of the necrotic arts, and the legions of undying servants she has at her disposal, the aptly named Witch Queen of Phyraxgia is a force to be reckoned with. Her reigned as Pharahess has been nothing but controversial, unlike her predecessors Calithis entrusted little to the corrupt viziers and court advisors, who had run amok, allowing Phyraxgia to fall into decline. A formidable sorceress, and terrifying necromancer in her own right, she personally purged the undesirable elements permanently from the royal court, very much taking on a hands on approach in administrating the Kingdom. Coupled with an aggressive foreign policy was the dramatic rejuvenation of Phyraxgian power in the Dsja'taresh.   Malcontent with the Kingdom of Phyraxgias position in the underworld, for centuries she has bided her time scheming, plotting and conspiring against the other sunless realms of the underworld. Waging wars and organising assassinations in her eternal struggle to seize the Imperial throne, and plunge the Dral'azie under Phyraxgian rule. In recent decades she has sought to realise her ancestors dream. Scouring the deserts and ruins of Phyraxgia to unearthing the great mortis tomb-engines from beneath the sands, she openly plots to bring the innumerable hordes of wandering dead under her control.
Phyraxgian Scarab
Ruled Locations

Character Portrait image: Calithis Vel' Itholren by Ellirhshaan


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