“The Brightest lights, cast the darkest shadows” - Empresses Ephara of the Ivory Tower, commenting upon the temperament of Aushurie.
The Princess of Sunlight, Goddess of Light and the Heavens.
  Aushurie is the sun goddess, she who does not set upon the hearts of mortals, considered to be the Good deity, she is the holy of holies and the inheritor of the creator god Folurne, daughter of the Mother Goddess Shilina and twin sister of the Goddess of Darkness, Aulreth.   Aushurie, goddess of light, would gain her more serotinous accolade and domain as Goddess of heavens and princess of sunlight when she usurped the throne from Infủs God of fire, casing him from the sun, the realm gifted to him by her father and vanquishing his daughter Reishala into the primordial magma of the underworld. Claiming dominion over all the light touched in the name of the greater good, much like her father the creator god before her.   Considered to be the pinnacle of benevolent deities, a shining example to mortal and immortal like. But her actions soured the opinions of the other gods, including her mother and her already estranged sister Aulreth. Her blind obsession with cleansing the world of all evil and darkness ever since the Sundering has twisted the goddesses mind. Making her apathetic and heartless despite what her faithful preaching's tell. In Aushurie's eyes, all that she does is for the betterment of all, because she loves and cares for every soul, and does everything for the greater good, to save all of creation. Seeing shadows and wickedness everywhere her light touches, she pushes her followers to cleanse the world and its people. Her divine light is the only truth, all who live under her radiance shall either accept and venerate the Goddess of the Heavens willingly, or they will be dragged out into the light and cleansed of their sins.

Divine Domains

Goddess of sun, light, redemption, and the heavens.


Family Ties

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Aligned Organization

Character Portrait image: by Lujordis


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