"…then there is Aulreth, the Goddess of Darkness, and mistress of death. An Evil deity, banished into the darkest depths of underworld, where she has claimed dominion over that unfathomable abyss..."
The Abyss Mother; Goddess of Darkness, Death and the Underworld.
  She who has watched from the Abyss since any on Evalaw can remember, Aulreth is a deity that has shifted and changed throughout the course of time. Once the benign moon goddess and custodian of the dead, transformed into one of the most feared and venerated primordial evils this world has even known. To some societies she is known as a bringer of death, the all-seeing eye or the dark moon. But to the Dral'azie she is the Abyss mother, to the Aelfaune she is the greatest of calamities and cause of much suffering and discourse. All of these accolades reflect the true nature of the goddess, over the eons Aulreth has gone by many monikers, conveying her dual aspects, Darkness and Death. Abyssal and Necrotic. Mother and patron deity to the Dral'azie.  
Daughter of the creator god Folurne and the mother goddess Shilina. Aulreth is fabled to have come forth out of the formless chaos to control the malignant malice of the abyss from consuming reality. She was one of twins, her sister Aushurie, would learn to control the brilliant, celestial light of the heavens forming the day, while Aulreth would bring into Evalaw the inky depths of darkness and the night. Aulreth would also be entrusted as the vigilant custodian of death, feeding the souls and spirits of the unworthy to the endless hunger of the abyss, or so the legends say. Aulreth and her twin Aushurie, were created for the sole purpose of creating peace and balance to Evalaw after the arduous conflict of the [placeholder].
Belief and worship in the dark goddess has a very long and swarded history, flourishing amongst numerous minor religions and cults over the eons. However, the cataclysmic events of the Sundering resulted in Aulreth being banished and imprisoned in the underworld. Over the millennia, the races of the overworld have slowly forgotten her teachings and turned away from the goddess of darkness, instead seeking instead solitude with the gods of light and the sun. Now only in the sunless depths worship of Aulreth can be found, primarily concentrated within the The Temple of the Seven Signs and the Dral'azie whom revere her as their saviour and protector. Other branches of Aulrethie worship have endured the test of time and remain a bastion of faith, the cult of Nekharah is one such example.
Since the first moment we opened our eyes, we have known two mothers. The one who brought us into this world, who nurtured and taught us everything to survive. Then there is our unseen mother, who watches us always from the abyss, who shrouds and protects all her children in the enteral night. Blessed be the Abyss mother, for she has absolved us from the tyranny of the sun. So that we one day might marvel upon the vanquished light and rejoice for the none believers shall toil in her glory.
— The Teachings of Archon Abraxus, Chapter XII of The Xhsae Mora.

Common Knowledge of Aulreth.

She has been known by many names to the people of Evalaw over the centuries, whether faithful or defiant, all remain wary not to offend the goddess of darkness, lest they attract her icy gaze or feel her deathly touch. Many do not dare to speak her name, lest you gain her attention. Her name has become a whisper amongst those that dwell under the sun, yet proclaimed loudly in reverence in the depths of the underworld.

Scholar Knowledge of Aulreth.

It is a well-established fact among academics, devout theologians and defiant theosophists alike that Aulreth was not originally an evil being. Infact the texts of the Sunburst Sepulchre state of Aushuries lament at her sisters corruption. The precise reason for Aulreth's downfall has long eluded historians, shrouded in legend and clouded by doctored historical texts tainted by the Aelfaune's gelded histories.

Apocryphal and Forbidden Knowledge of Aulreth.

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Masks of the Goddess


Nekharah - Phyraxgian Goddess of Darkness and Death.

In ancient ruins and tablets found among the ruins of the Kingdom of Amon’Isettii contain mentions to the goddess of death and the underworld as Nekharah. This is perhaps the first reference of the goddess, or at least the first name she was recognised by in recorded history. It is a name still used to this day in the religious practices and customs of Phyraxgia, and synonymous with their more archaic belief structure. Nekharah, goddess of the darkness and the transition of death. In Phyraxgian Culture, Nekharah possesses the dichotomy of life and death, she is the protector of the mummies and canopic jars, and comforting the families of the deceased.
Phyraxgian Eye Emblem
The Glyph of Nekharah.

Kiyragh - Dravarii goddess of the death and afterlife.

The tribal societies of the Dravarii chose to abandon the beliefs of their ancestors that had caused so much calamity, instead they turned to worship older primal gods of Evalaw. Despite this, Aulreth influence remerged amongst the clans as Kiyragh. The deathless one. She is feared and respected, blood offerings are typically made to her shrines to abate Kiyragh’s gaze away from the tribe, or to cast down their enemies.
Kiyragh Symbol

Divine Domains

The lady of Night, Mistress of death and mother of the Abyss. Aulreth conveys two main aspects, Darkness and Death. Abyssal and Necrotic magic. Formerly goddess of the moon and night.

The Eye Of Aulreth

A lidless eye, surrounded by points, typically three at top and three at the bottom.
The Eye of Aulreth is interwoven not only in the Temple, but throughout the entire of Dral'azie society. It symbolises the Abyss Mother are the prime got, not only of her churches pantheon, but over all of her children. Therefore goes without stating, the priesthood of Dusk, her most devout followers are emblazoned with the goddesses Iconography.   However, over two millennia ago, the priesthood had very different icons adorning their mantles. Aulreth had once been the moon goddess, mistress of night and guardian of the afterlife, back in there ancient times, the Dusk Priesthood wore crescent moons and other symbols of the goddesses dominion over the eventide and night skies. Even after the Dral'azies banishment into the underworld, the priesthood still wore the crescent moons of their patrons.   As Aulreth became bitter and twisted by her exile into the depths below, she and her clergy changed. The goddess took up a far more sinister visage, abandoning the moon and adopting her Abyssal eye, every watching from the darkness. As such so too did her priesthood, change to reflect this. Covering their faces and changing their religious symbols and clothing's colours to match the dour temperament of their mistress.

Character Portrait image: Aulreth by Lujordis


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