Ashera Bellamy

Lady Ashera Cecilia-Lyon Bellamy (She / Her)

A mousey maiden to be sure, but well-meaning and genuine. A rarity in the amidst of pomp and pretence that infests the courts.
— Courtier

General Description

Growing into her womanhood; undeniable feminine curves blossoming at both bust and hip -- the once coltish youth has begun to blossom into quite the comely woman.
There’s an unavoidable shyness about her presence, hesitation in her body movements and a softness in her voice that reveals a sense of discomfort and anxiety in matters of courtly civility.
Her eyes are deep pools of swirling grey-blue contrasting to a pale, milky complexion; freckles oft dotted upon naturally blushed cheeks. Her emotions are not easily hidden, evident in the down-turned crease of her bowlike lips and wistful gaze.

She, as many ladies of the court do: has taken immense care and honour in her waist length auburn hair that is most often worn up in a messy dutch braid or loosely tied back by a black satin ribbon; two long, wavy strands flowing down each slope of her shoulder and resting at her bosom.

She is not openly confrontational, however, and honestly values the opinions of others, so her strong opinions only show when dealing with something or someone she cares deeply about. While she is not used to being anything other than confident, when it comes to issues of her position as the likely future heir she finds herself rather insecure and hesitant to assert herself. IAshera is keenly aware of the importance of her reputation at court and how quickly an ill word or deed can turn the gossips against her, and thus tries very hard to portray herself as a good, dutiful daughter.

by Dottea
  The firstborn daughter of Remus Bellamy and his wife, the Lady Marjorie. Ashera was always described as a gangly, awkward maid, with an interest in geography and a lovely singing voice. She has been sent to the Imperial courts of Orsiétte to further her courtly education and start to make her way through society, hopefully smoothing out whatever rough edges are leftover from childhood. She shows keen interest in diplomacy and foreign cultures... Perhaps a little more than is appropriate for a young lady.   Ashera is a bright, energetic young lady, though she is marked by a notable lack of confidence. Nearly everything she does is hesitant, from her movement to her speech. However, underneath it all, Ashera is filled with insatiable curiosity and a longing for adventure, and when she is able to speak on a subject she is passionate about, all hesitation evaporates. She loves singing and music, and has a habit of looking longingly out at the sea whenever it is within view.  

The Lady's' wardrobe

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Singing - Ashera has been blessed with a good singing voice, and enough interest in the field to pursue the craft. Luckily, unlike most of her other passions, singing is a perfectly appropriate hobby for a young lady of noble birth, and Ashera was an attentive student.

Sources - Ashera's father, Remus, might be called cunning. He might also be called scheming. He has his own contacts in Orsiétte, and Ashera is able to make use of some of them. She can't do anything major, of course, but surely her father wouldn't mind if she did what she could to stay on top of local gossip, right?

Seamanship - Ashera has always been drawn to the sea, and had she been born a man, she should like to have been a sailor. As it is, it would not be appropriate for Ashera to actively pursue this interest, but she has picked up a few very basic techniques during trips during trips to the mainland, or interrogating lowborn friends with family members who sail.

Vices & Personality flaws

Ambitious - Sometimes Ashera wonders if she is hoping for too much. It is a lofty ambition, for a woman to specifically aim to visit foreign courts, especially under a ruler as conservative as Empress Caterina D'Auvergne. But even if her goals are lofty, Ashera cannot help but try and pursue them... Even if they are likely to leave her disappointed at best, and scandalized at worst. Ashera will have to be very, very careful, lest her wanderlust and ambition ruin her...

Insecure - Ashera has always, since childhood, been a very insecure person, and the awkwardness that comes with being a teenager has only heightened that. She is not the son her father wanted. She has never quite fit in with her siblings. Her father cares for her, but would rather spend his time navigating the courts than stay at home with her. And, to top it all off, she is gangly and strange and knows she is aiming for the moon. Ashera second-guesses near everything she does. She is so very, very concerned with making the smarted, most advantageous decision, but she is keenly aware that she is still to young to know those decisions when she sees them.
Bellamy Coat of Arms
Lawful Good
Current Status
Serving as a lady-in-waiting for the current Empress of Orsiétte
Current Location
Current Residence
The Imperial Court
Storm blue
Long auburn hair in immaculate condition, she always ensures her hair is presentable and takes hours braiding her hair each evening to protect it from fizzing and snapping.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Porcelain skin marred by unsightly freckles from her escapades as a youth
1.68m / 5'6"
54kg / 120lbs


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