Abyss Magic

Abyssal magic can cut sharper than any knife or weapon wielded by mortals, it tears and rip through the very fabric of reality, and attacks the soul directly. The Elder races view it as a cruel and abhorrent power, forbidden, best left forgotten.
When one reaches into the abyss, the abyss reaches back. For as much as you take from it, the Abyss takes an equal part of you with it.
  Abyss magic, is a dark and abhorrent power that demands a terrible price for those who dare to wield it, and should not be trifled with lightly. Fundamentally it's draws upon the primordial essence of death and darkness that proceeded all creation. Abyssal magic has been thought to be the decay of reality given form, the ancient Fyllids refer to it as, the great nothing that once filled the void before the light. It is this essence that all Dark Magic is drawn from, it's primal and raw form.   There are those that are born with it, and those that seek it out. Some claim they feel drawn to its power, and the pursuit of its knowledge, that it has chosen them. Others see this as madness, and those willingly seeking such a dark gift are fools, and deserve whatever cruel fate will befall them. Many societies prohibit it's usage, considering it to be a malevolent and unpredictable phenomenon. No matter what side of the debate on the moral implications of obtaining Abyssal magic one sit's upon, there is a singular fact that all agree, the Abyss will eventually claim those who have been marked by it.


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