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The Chronicles of Afterlight

October 3rd, 5001 A.R.

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5,001 years ago the earth was destroyed in the Great War. Humanity was nearly wiped out and the hopes of a utopian future were demolished. 200 years into the end of earth an ancient race that had dwelt in the forests in the veil between Arcadia and Earth granted mercy from the dying earth. Humanity was rescued from the legions of demons, mutants and fanatical cults who were then pushed into the wastelands in the east   After 500 years the great kingdoms of North Ameriga arose; Among them was The First and Greatest Elven Kingdom that existed since Earth was coterminous with Arcadia one million years ago. This Great Kingdom was called Aelindria and survived for 900 generations of elven royalty. Aelindria was an empire that spread across the Amerigas, it built fortifications and outposts all around The Forbidden East and settlements in the southern continent.   Then all of a sudden it all came to a crashing halt and the Elven survivors of the nameless catastrophe moved into the west and slowly displaced all but the elves from their lands. The Elves became increasingly xenophobic and hostile to other races. The Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Orcs from that area became known as The Scarlet Brotherhood.   Now 5,001 years after The end of the Apocalypse, a Darkness rises in the east and despite the peace that has lasted in the four lands for the past 150 years, Strife and corruption is leading The Land of Changes into darkness. How will the Heroes of this dark age stand against this coming darkness.

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