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The Shadow Kingdom, Hell

The Shadow Kingdom is home to the Shadow demons, Hell's most strongest breed of demon ever known. They were the first breed to be born from the "Demon Mother", Lilith. The Shadow Kingdom is based around medieval times, therefore there are peasants, nobles, royalty, etc. This kingdom is known for it's cruel ways because most of the demons are born as demons of wrath.


The palace of the Shadow Kingdom is home to Queen Midnight ( Her husband is missing, her two daughters ran away from home ). Her cruelty towards her subjects and servants keeps everyone in their place; Peasants in the mud and dirt doing the dirty work, nobles out making money.

Public Agenda

The public agenda is keeping everything in order and fighting for what is right in Hell.   Keeping everything and everyone in order and in their place is the queen's job, fighting for what is right in Hell is the job of the soldiers and warriors of the Shadow Kingdom.


Silver and gold coins, human souls and other goods can be used to buy things in the markets. The queen's entourage of troops, warriors and fighters is extremely large, being that Shadow demons are the first ones to be called when there is a war going on. Due to the Shadow Kingdom being based off medieval times, they use swords, shields, and armour when in battle. The wealthy use horses and servants to trade goods with other parts of the kingdom and even other kingdoms nearby, but those trips can take several weeks. There are mansions and other large houses for the wealthy, the poor living out on the streets or in little houses if they have enough money or goods to afford it. The more wealthy you are, the closer you can live to the castle. The more poor you are, the farther away you are from the castle as to not spread your filth to the nobles and the queen.


The first Shadow to be born was declared the ruler of their new kingdom. When there were a few more demons of the breed, they settled in the darkest part of Hell, which would turn out to be their forever home.   Around 6000 BC, the king, Eclipse, went to fight in a war against the Scorpion demons, and has not been seen anywhere since. To this day he is still missing, nobody knows what had happened to him or if he is dead or alive.   Around 4000 BC, the two daughters of the queen, Lost and Roxy, ran from home and haven't been seen in the kingdom since. The reasons they gave were their mother's horrible abuse: They ran from home to get away from their mother and to live somewhere else where they would be safe.

Show your true darkness, your true powers.

Founding Date
The first day of 21000 BC.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Kingdom of Darkness
Shadow Demon

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