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The Nightmare Kingdom, Hell

The Nightmare Kingdom is home to the second demon breed, the Nightmare demons. The Nightmare demons invade human's dreams, kill and haunt them there. The Nightmare Kingdom is a horrifying place to visit, there are demons with horrible insanity around every corner. Oh, and by the way, a lot of them are cannibals.


King Cyril and Queen Isabelle are the king and queen of the Nightmare Kingdom, and rule along with their two sons Prince Knox and Prince Bruno. The circus like city surrounds the royal palace, which is in the very heart of the void. The kingdom is disguised as a never ending circus of horrors with dangers around every corner. Roller coasters that crash, carnival games that, if you lose, lead to your gory demise, and the inhabitants of the kingdom themselves are the biggest danger you face. It is also worth mentioning that once someone enters the void, there is no going back unless you are a demon or a fallen angel. Humans can enter the void through rituals, but can never escape.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Nightmare Demons is mainly to strike fear into the hearts and souls of the humans, to become more powerful; to gain power and strength they feed off of human fear.


Nightmare demons use human teeth and different kinds of candy as currency. Creepy, yes, but to them it's perfectly normal.   Their kingdom is designed as a sort of circus/haunted house that seems to never end. There are carnival games, and roller coasters for transportation, but the demons also use other methods of travel which include horse drawn carriages and flying using their wings.   The weapons they use in combat come with an extremely wide variety of different equipment. From over sized candy to axes to cannons and bayonets, the Nightmare demons have it all.


The Nightmare Demons were the second demon breed to be born from Lilith. Forever to be known as the most horrifying breed, the Nightmare demons were even known to commit cannibalism on their own kind, murder, and violence. So when the breed had grown to a large population, the crown princes created their kingdom in the void, Leviathan's home. ( See my character page on Leviathan for more information about the void and the character himself )

You can't spell slaughter without laughter.

Founding Date
The second day of 21000 BC.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Kingdom of True Nightmares
Nightmare Demon

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