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Zere Taylor-Smitt

Captain Zere Taylor-Smitt

A rare sight within the Confederation is a human of "sub-par stock" yet high position. Zere believes himself to be the pinnacle of his Huitzlian "stock", and with his position in the Daughter Intelligence Association, intends to show his native Confederation the value of his "stock".

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zere grew up on Lexen station, orbiting Bellum Gamma. As the last bastion of loyalist Concordance forces in Bellum*, Lexen Station has a long history of shame. Some Lexens fins pride in this history, and some of them turn to resistance against the Confederation.   When Zere was young, he fell in with a few of those young punks. Gang violence was common on Lexen. Still is. It is not the prosperous station it once was, and many of its people lash out against the Confederation for it. Zere used to be one of them, but then he was approached by a officer in the DIA. Should Zere interfere with this officer's investigation (i.e., not help), his family would be deported from Lexen. That his family had been here since the original settlement of Bellum* during the Ameselan crusade did not matter to the Confederation. He was 3/4th Huitzlian, and that meant he had no place in Bellum*.   On the other hand, if Zere decided to turn on his increasingly seditious friends and help his friendly neighborhood DIA spook, his family would not only be saved, but rewarded. They would move to the shielded domes. They would get anti-cancer meds for grandpa. They would get well paying jobs. They would get all the things that good confederates - good concordian confederates - deserve   The choice was obvious.   When Zere's collaboration revealed a plot much larger than the DIA had thought, his rewards were all the greater. For such patriotic action, he was offered a low position in the DIA. Eventually, through hard work that the rest of his "stock" couldn't commit to, he rose. And despite his "stock", kept rising.

Gender Identity

Zere, like Confederate society as a whole, believes gender ideology to be a degenerate concept, emblematic of Cishadar's decline. Whenever anyone brings up the idea of gender identities to him, he will bring up this fact.
Lawful Evil
Current Status
On a secret mission for the Confederation
Lexen Station, Bellum*
Thin, green
brown, long, and rigorously straightened to Concordian standards
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Splotchy olive-yellow
Aligned Organization

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