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What follows is a leaked report to Halcyon's Gerousia regarding the biology of the Ameselans. In light of the recent uptick in Ameselan reemergence across Transhadar, especially the recent attack in Knot*, the council seeks information on this ancient foe.

Basic Information


Individual Ameselans appear similar to Concordian humans, following the basic human anatomy. The specifics of their appearance is remarkably similar between individuals. Their species contains very little genetic diversity. Given their advanced genetic engineering capabilities, this suggests deliberate effort on the Ameselans' part.   The species exhibits no phenotypes, or even sexual dimorphism. While some scholars argue that the Ameselans have only one single form and sex, others argue that others exist but are unknown to modern science due to Ameselan behaviors. Given the Ameselans' engineering of the Kata and Ursa, and their attempted modification of the Huitlians, most scholars consider it unlikely that the Ameselans are not themselves specialized or casted.    The single known form has pale grey skin, with smooth, featureless faces and large eye sockets. They have thin body and facial hair which is meticulously groomed and cleaned. On rare occasions, Ameselans are seen eliminating individuals of their own kind, should they fail to meet such standards.

Genetics and Reproduction

While direct Ameselan reproduction has never been directly observed and recorded, they display artifacts of extensive genetic engineering. This, along with the fact that individual Ameselans show so little genetic diversity, suggest that the species has an innate or possibly cultural drive for genetic purity.    While scholars do not understand the specific mechanism, it appears that Ameselans require something of other sentient species to reproduce. Hypotheses differ wildly on the reasoning for this, ranging from the Ameselans consuming 'sentience' to reproduce, to them incubating their young in human skulls, to them even parasitizing and 'converting' other human species into their own, the data suggests that Ameselan communities can only grow through predation on other humans.    Whether or not Ameselan communities can maintain a steady or slowly decreasing population outside of human predation. While Ameselan communities continue to exist outside of major raids on human colonies, it cannot be ruled out that such raids simply go unnoticed. The Chord is large, and far-flung colonies can fail for many reasons. It also cannot be disproven that such Ameselan enclaves maintain a kind of human livestock upon which they subsist.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Ameselan social structure is something of intense debate in modern scholarship, so let us begin with the known facts.    First and foremost, the Ameselans produce and utilize technology. Theirs is more advanced than Concordian science (Bellum or Concordance) in the fields of psionics, genetic modification, biologic interfacing, and HDR-technology. This suggests that they are a civilization-building species, though whether they achieved such sophistication on their own or by way of some benefactor or precursor is unknown.    In either case, they display aggressive, imperial behaviors with other species, especially unmodified humans. History shows their interactions with other human species, as exemplified through the creation of the Kata and Ursa, and the attempted modification of the Huitzlian people. They modify other species to labor in their absence, through this may be a secondary effect, simply using what resources they already have. The primary ends of Ameselan domestication of other humans appears to be reproduction (see genetics and reproduction).   Ameselans do not vocalize communications, seemingly relying on Flow- and Psionics-based communication exclusively. The lack of Ameselan communications technology reinforces this idea1. It is possible that they exhibit faster-than-light or non-local communication properties, but this is only hypothesized.    Finally, the Ameselans exhibit a distinct lack of culture. Their clothing, when they use any at all, is utilitarian. What little material culture has been recovered suggests no art or craftsmanship. There are no subcultures observed within Ameselan society. Again, this could be due to lack of evidence, however nothing but tools and technology has ever been recovered from Ameselan society2  This all suggests that the Ameselans comprise a superorganism, perhaps a kind of collective consciousness or 'hive mind'. While this is the leading theory, Ameselan records are so sparse, combined with their practice of scorched-earth tactics, that so little evidence remains of their actual society. As such, we can only infer the inner working of their social structure.        Among the very few cases in which Ameselan technology has been recovered intact, communications technology is sparse, and only present where other captive species (Kata, Ursa, Huitzlian, Concordian) were also found. There is insufficient data to determine whether Ameselans use communications technology among themselves, or if they communicate exclusively through psionics, but it is believed that this is the case.   2 There is evidence of material culture discovered within Ameselan habitats, but only that of Kata, Ursa, Huitzlian, or Concordian design. This phenomenon only occurs where captive humans were present. As Ameselan influence and oversight increases in a given area, material culture of their captives negatively corelates.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The greatest feat of the Ameselans is their discovery of and innate access to the Flow. Though it is uncertain how they first engineered their psionic abilities, it is believed that all psionics descend from the Ameselans' discovery. As the first and oldest psionics users, possibly with an unbroken chain of hive-mind consciousness (see social structures), the Ameselans are understandably advanced in this regard. Individuals are capable of feats such as telepathic movement, energy manipulation, and possibly even non-local communication.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

As stated, the Ameselans have access to contemporary and advanced technology in key fields, through their technology appears stagnant. This is explained by either the collapse hypothesis, the byproduct of their species approaching extinction during the Century of Liberation, thus eliminating any centers of scientific advancement; or by the benefactor hypothesis, that the Ameselans are not and were never responsible for their own advancement, but that it was given to them. In either case, their mastery of psionics, genetic modification, biological interfacing, and HDR-tech surpasses contemporary levels amongst the civilizations of the Chord.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The extent of Ameselans' interactions with other species is subjugation or attempted subjugation. They exhibit no desire to collaborate, trade, or communicate as the Expansion Peoples have before contact. They appear to have no concept of market economy. They merely exist for their own will, and subjugate other species to their will.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Potentiens
Conservation Status
While the last remnant of the Ameselans was believed to be in Termina*, this has unfortunately proven false. As such, measures are being taken to find the last of their hives whenever and wherever they may appear. For Concordians, Huitzlians, Kata, and Ursa, this is a major priority, usually surpassing whatever sectarian or political issues are present. For the Expansion Peoples, with no direct Ameselan experience, this is not as much of a priority.
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations

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