World Ember 2021 Pledge

Another project, another pledge

Since it is another fresh, new world (and a slightly imposing project), there is a lot to work on. To prevent me from being overwhelmed with the amount of work needed, I will be focussing on four core categories. Hopefully, by the end of World Ember I will have the beginnings of a good foundation laid.

Core Categories and Articles
  1. Character(s)
    • Who will the Players meet? Think: Catalyst who inspires them to go on the adventure.
    • Who are the rulers and key figures? Think: Town mayor, Guild leader.
  2. Geography
    • What are the lands and countries like that the Players will explore? Think: General layout and biomes.
    • Which areas are well-known, and which are shrouded in myth and mystery? Think: Locations that Players may have heard of in stories that sparks their imagination and wanderlust.
  3. Settlement(s)
    • Where can the Players call home?
    • What are the key towns and cities?
  4. Species
    • What plants and creatures will the Players come across? Think: Materials used for making inks and drawing tools.
    • Which plants and creatures pose the biggest threat? Think: Tales of warning from previous adventurers - truth or fiction.
During World Ember 2021, I, AP, plan on building up the world for players to explore in Cartographer’s Call. I pledge to spend my time as near to the flames of the forge as I can without getting burnt, taking the time I need for self-care as well as work outside of this project.

I will not place any unecessary pressure on myself to complete the full 10,000 words needed, but work to getting as near as possible without stress or strain.

To speed up the process of each article, here are some key things to do to prepare:

  • Create Pinterest boards specific to each category
  • Generate some portraits and landscapes in ArtBreeder
  • Create a list of potential names from sites such as FantasyNameGenerators

  • Personal Reminders:

  • Rest when you need to
  • Don't force the creativity
  • Enjoy the process
  • Don't get distracted by unfinished CSS tinkering

  • Cover image: by Almos Bechtold


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