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Viktor Wolf's house

The house, where Viktor Wolf and Diuna live during the Side Story: Alchemist and a Broken One.

Purpose / Function

Viktor modified the inside and the outside of this house to help him in his research of The Pit. Originally, it was just a normal house and both Diuna and Viktor still use it like a normal house.


For the research purposes, Viktor built a greenhouse in the backyard and placed measuring instruments both outside and within the house. There are basic things such as thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, but he also placed instruments that let him measure the changes in the density of Elements in the air there. All of this instruments let him see how the fluctuations of the Elements in the air affect the weather and it also tests his hypothesis that the density of the Elements in the air changes with the seasons.   In his laboratory in the cellar, he created a special type of ammeter and voltmeter that can measure the electric current and potential in the area, which he uses to check if the Elemental Crystals filled to the full with the Electricity carry the same power as those that were used and if recharging or overcharging the Crystal affects its maximum capacity.   The greenhouse he built in the backyard is made out of a special type of glass that doesn't let the Elements in or out. By sowing the same type of seeds in the garden and the greenhouse, he was testing if only the Shine of The Tree affects the speed of the growth of the plants or if the Elements are an important factor in that.
Lately, he also divided the greenhouse into two parts. The first is still used as it was, but in the second he tests how various densities of 10 Elements create different Elemental Crops.



It's a two-story Italianate style row house looking like it was just pulled from the streets of San Francisco. It has a black, wooden frame with clapboard exteriors.
Its left half consists of bay windows that are on both stories. The window over the entrance to the house on the right side is very tall but very narrow. The entrance is adorned by a columned portico. It has wide, projecting roof cornices that are very ornate.
Its roof is low pitched.   The front and the back of the house are surrounded by the hedge fence (front by the low one, back by the high one).
In front, there is a flower bed made out of white and lilac flowers (the colors that Diuna chose). The back is adapted for the garden. There is a greenhouse built there.  


What anyone notices when they first enter the house are the Elemental Crystals hanging every few meters from the ceiling in every room, each glowing with a dim light of the Element they are filled with. For some, this looks almost festive, others will think it's weird and/or creepy. They are here both to help him check how placing the Elements that are opposite to each other negates any negative influence they could have on the human body (Elemental Sickness), but also to help Diuna recharge, if she suddenly had one of her attacks.  

First Story

The first story consists of the living room with a view on the street from the bay window, a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.  

Living room

In here, there is a sofa with a coffee table in front of it. Along the wall stretches very long bookcase filled with many different books. Under the coffee table lies a small round rug. The walls are covered with peach-colored wallpaper. The floor is made out of chestnut wood.
A few weeks ago, after discovering the location of the ancient tablet in the ruins, Viktor moved all of the furniture closer to the wall so he has a place to place the tablet.  

Kitchen and dining room in one

Kitchen has counters and shelves along all of the walls, with an island in the middle, above which hang utensils, garlic, and fresh herbs. The island can serve as a dining table and the place to prepare the meals.
As a homunculus, and a terrible cook, Diuna normally wouldn't need to use that room too much, however, she likes to watch as Viktor eats and talk with him during his meals.  

Second Story

The second story consists of the study, Diuna's room (it has the bay window), and Viktor's room.  


The study is a room with only one light source, that being the lamp on the Viktor's desk. Almost always there are papers everywhere on the ground and the walls. Viktor spends most of his days here. Diuna gave up a long time ago trying to sort all of the papers here and cleaning the room.
Whenever she doesn't have anything to do, she spends her time here, sitting next to Viktor and watching as he works and learning things he does. He often explains to her what he is researching right now, and even if she doesn't understand everything, just by talking out loud he sometimes finds errors in his reasoning. He then gets very excited and thanks her for being there as he fixes what he did wrong.  

Viktor's Room

Most of the room is occupied by a large wall unit covered and filled with books and Viktor's notes and small decorations bought both by him and Diuna. Right next to the wall unit, there is a wardrobe. On the opposite side, there is his bed and the radiator.
The room has green floor finish and warm orange walls.  

Diuna's Room

The most colorful of the rooms, this one has a lilac colored floor and light pink walls. There is a large wardrobe full of dresses and hatstand full of various hats. There is also a dressing table here and a small bookcase with children stories and fantasy books. Even though she doesn't need it Diuna has a bed here, where she likes to lie when Viktor reads her stories. She even brought an armchair here for him to sit on while he reads. On the windowsill, she placed various plushies and potted plants.  


Half of the storage has been turned into Viktor's laboratory. The second half is for storing food and tools.
There is also a back door to the garden here, next to which is a wardrobe with the Viktor's and Diuna's gardening clothes and tools.


Before Viktor bought the house, no one lived here. Just like every building in The Pit, it just was here.
Alternative Names
Diuna's House


The location of the house and the settlement it is in is unspecified, as the story could happen anywhere in The Pit.
Just like the article of the story says, it should happen in one of the more populated and advanced cities, and not in The Depths (as that place is too dangerous for Viktor to survive so long) or The Surface (as it is almost impossible for a house like that to stay in such good condition there, and not many plants can grow there).

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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I think you did quite well in describing the looks of the house which based on what you were saying is your goal. In grammar, i only really caught 1 thing. I'm the study you have the viktors desk rather than vicktors desk.   It's very well depicted how the house looks. You use a lot of architecture terms some might not know but architecture is hard to talk about without the terms. It's a good article but I have one issue, you talk a lot about it's look but not much about its funtion. You mention the pit but i have no idea what that is as this is the first I've read of your world i believe. Assuming that's its own article, what is he measuring and how, what examples of devices has he made. What other additions are there if any. And how do the two get along living there with all this science going on and taking space or just general cohabitation stuff like pet peeves the other JUST won't STOP DOING? I've never lived with someone who didn't do something i didn't like. Even my wife and especially my siblings lol i have not read the story yet but plan to. I hope i helped a bit :) good job

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