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Smith's Hammer

The Smith is one of the daughters of The Tree and its Guardian. She was the one who created the weapons for her siblings. It is said, that when she created each one of them, the sparks that flew with each hit of her hammer created anomalies wherever they landed. This is why many think that her Forge is located somewhere on The Layer of Anomalies as this is the place where most of her sparks would land.   The Layer of Anomalies is also the place where something that can be considered her Hammer has been found.  


The Smith's Hammer is a 1.5-meter-long tool or weapon consisting mostly of metal, a very ornate handle (1.2 m) resembling braided hair, and a long but narrow head (60cm by 30 cm) with mysterious markings on it. It resembles a spike maul hammer or a staff more than something a smith would use in their forge.  


Creating anomalies

If the Smith's Hammer hits any surface, it generates sparks, the number of which depends on the strength of the hit. Wherever the sparks land, an anomaly with random properties is created.  

Manipulating anomalies

The Hammer seems to interact with anomalies in a few different ways.   If an area affected by an anomaly is "hit" with the Hammer, the Hammer forcibly pushes it away in the direction it was hit. If two anomalies collide as a result of this push, the one that is currently bigger will "consume" the smaller one, neutralizing it and growing further.   If the head of the Hammer is slowly placed into an anomaly and then quickly pulled upwards as if one wanted to tear it apart, the Hammer creates a new safe passage leading through the anomaly.   If the Hammer hits an anomaly against the floor of the layer, the anomaly will start to get smaller and smaller, however, the effects it has on the area inside of it will intensify considerably.
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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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