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ReQuest Board

ReQuest Boards are just what their name says: boards, where one can leave their request in hope that someone else will help them. At first, it was an invention that was present in one of the smaller settlements of The Pit, however, when traders and travelers saw it, the rumors about it spread around the whole Pit, and now you can see one of them in every settlement.   Lesser settlements usually have only one of them, somewhere around the main square, where everyone can leave their requests, dealing with affairs both external and internal. Bigger settlements, such as The City of Middlepoint, City of Lights, or The Street above Jungle have more of the Request Boards, generally one on the square, dealing with internal affairs, and one at each gate, that would need be dealt with by going in the direction the gate leads to. Additionally, placing a request in bigger settlements often involves payment of a fee (a tax).   There are people, calling themselves adventurers, who specialize in fulfilling the requests from ReQuest Boards. It's a good job for someone who has many various skills and isn't afraid of doing odd jobs with an irregular schedule (long breaks in requests being posted, during which they won't earn any money). If that person doesn't have any regular job, it could lead to them needing to travel between many settlements just to find new requests.

Manufacturing process

ReQuest Boards are pretty easy to make.
If you want to make a wooden one, you take your boards and you place them parallel to each other, so their longest sides touch. Next, you take two boards and place each one of them perpendicularly on each side of the construction. Then you flip your magnum opus and you hammer nails so that all of the boards hold together. You can skip those steps if you make your board out of the metal sheet.
Then we need to find a way for the ReQuest Board to stand. We will give you three possible ways to do that (there are many more).
  1. You could hammer the third perpendicular, longer board in the middle of your construction.
  2. You could use two longer boards as the perpendicular ones, so they stick out on one of the sides.
  3. You could hammer a nail (or two) in the upper part of the board, tie a rope or chain to them, and hang your board wherever you want.
Item type
10 - 100 kg
50x30cm - 300x200cm
Raw materials & Components
Wooden boards or metal sheet
Hammer and nails

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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16 Dec, 2018 16:56

Such a mundane thing to add and yet it's great to show how adventurers are included in your world!   Question for the ones with a fee: do they have someone tasked to guard the boards so no one can jsut tack their request there?

16 Dec, 2018 23:54

For the ones near the gates, there are almost always guards stationed at them, so one of them probably keeps an eye for the intruders, and if the board is near the middle of the settlement, it is usually placed near one of the important buildings, such as town hall, guard house or police station, so there usually is someone posted in its vicinity.

17 Dec, 2018 00:21

I pictured a person who would feel very important about that stalking up and down next to the board watching with hawk eyes for anyone trying to tack somerthing on it xD Seriously though, depending on how common reading and writing is in your world there might be someone reading things out or taking notes for them :)

16 Dec, 2018 19:47

Did you read "Make the mundane important"? It was a great read, wasn't it? This is really something that everybody takes for granted by now due to its popularity in video games, but really, it is special to have such a thing in a medieval setting. Also, the manufacturing process is on point. So, what is the highest fee that someone has to pay to get their request onto a board (please measured in medium-sized potatoes, since I don't know your world's currency)?

16 Dec, 2018 23:49

To be fair, I am also not sure of the currency of my world yet, but it would be two potatoes.