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High priest of The Black Sun

While The Cult of the Black Sun doesn't have anything that could be considered its ruler, head or council, at least not anymore (Aiden), once in a while, certain individuals show up, gaining loyal followers. Those individuals quickly start being called the High priests, even if they couldn't really be considered religious and even though everyone in the cult is pretty much equal to each other.


Being strongest, smartest, most charismatic or simply having enough good ideas that people want to follow them.


The biggest benefit of the title is being known by other members of the cult. People will be keener to follow the ideas of someone whose name and reputation they know than listening to some nameless nobody.   When raiding villages, the high priest usually gets the first look through the pillaged loot, and sometimes their followers bring them various valuable or useful stuff by themselves.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Some decide to wear ornate clothes marked by the symbols of The Black Sun so others know who they are dealing with just a glance. Others decide to wear the same clothes as their followers or normal people to easily blend in and not be a big target for anyone who would want to kill them.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

One keeps this title until they are killed by someone, which sometimes lets another member of the cult take over their title if the followers of a previous high priest respected the strength or brutality the most. Another way to lose this title is to lose the respect of one's followers either by being weak, having too many bad ideas, or not respecting them and their lives.   Someone who lost their title will probably still be recognized by many members of the cult, but gaining the lost respect back might prove very difficult for them, as they might even get ostracized depending on the severity of their transgressions.
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Priest, sir/ma'am, boss
Source of Authority
Those who follow them
First Holder
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